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16-05-2012, 16:43

Aenir bowsong, warden of the white coven- 262 pts
Great weapon
reaver bow
Armour of caledor
guardian Phoenix
Talisman of Loec

Daralanteriel the white - 360 pts
lvl 4 lore of light
fozzriks folding fortress


Mage - 170 pts
lvl 2 lore of light
Iron curse icon

mage - 120 pts
lvl 1 lore of light
ring of corin

mage - 120 pts
lvl 1 lore of light
dispel scroll

noble - 184 pts
dragon armour & great weapon
Banner of the world dragon

Core units:

23 archers - 288 pts
full command
Banner of the eternal flame

35 spearmen - 340 pts
full command

Special units:

30 white lions - 555 pts
full command
Banner of sorcery

Rare units

2x Eagles - 100 pts

2499 pts

The fluff is that the tower is the abode of Daralanteriel the white and his coven of light mages and that whenever they are pressed into the defence of their realm they bring their powerbase with them through magic. (the tower uproots and floats in the air when on the march, or simply teleported).

gamewise All the characters stay in the archer unit and it's deployed in the tower.

the White lions and the spearmen guard the tower and the eagles redirect and whatnot.

with 5 drops and the Skeinsilver i'm confident to get to start most matches, and from there it's blasting time! I'm aware of the massive basket of 1500 points in that tower, but with the banner of the world dragon it's immune to all magic and so only need to worry about shooting and combat.

so, what do you think*?! :wtf:

Pointy Headed Elven Paladin
17-05-2012, 07:12
I can honestly say this I've never seen this type of army list for High Elves before. It a bit gimmicky for my taste but I think it'll do alright as long as you don't get into any point denial tactics that your opponent might try (like say your opponent wipes out your WL Regiment the retreat out of range of your coven range spells). Other than that I think you should upgrade one of the secondary mage with an Annulian Crystal for greater magical protection the army as a whole. I'm not sure how you will deal with close combat Horde armies though (I don't think you have enough spell variety to counter 3 large horde regiments in close combat).

17-05-2012, 07:22
It all depends how you model your tower and how many troops from your perspective can shoot from it. Its essentially a pure point denial list as nobody can touch that unit in the tower since its immune to magic, has a wardsave against Warmachines and is well guarded. If you want to up it a notch you could add more bowmen.

17-05-2012, 22:03
what if some one bum's rushes it and just slaps the mages around?

17-05-2012, 22:48
I think your enemy will refuse to play you after one game.

18-05-2012, 00:19
Your not doing this paticular list correctly. You need to have EVERYTHING go in the tower, or you will lose for example 2 Eagles, and the W.L unit, and your enemy will back out of your interdiction line.

The purpose of the list is to point denial, it's not accomplishing this currently.

To be honest, I've thought about doing a list like this before, but instead of fully investing in light magic, I would also try to swing either a Heavens/High mage for long range zero-distance limiting casting, or rerolling shooting misses and Flames, with High Magic can be beneficial as well, especially if you have a Magic Bow or two in the unit as well.

purge the daemon
18-05-2012, 00:29
You can only put 1 unit in so huge seagaurd or archer and 2 eagles.

18-05-2012, 00:33
what if some one bum's rushes it and just slaps the mages around?

How, pray tell? You get to pick 10 models to fight in combat each round. Which means archers (and the lord). Mages never go near the combat.

However, you're doing it wrong. If you're going to be a terrible, terrible person and use the Folding Fortress + archers + world dragon tactic, do it properly. Take 100 archers, characters, 2 eagles, done. Light is probably the wrong spell lore - shadows will almost certainly work better. Withering + hundred arrows = dead unit. Mindrazor makes even archers scary too. Miasma is lovely for making units take more time to get to you (or usual purposes).

Give some random mage the Amulet of Light (magic attacks!)
Do not take banner of the eternal flame on the archers. Yes, it helps versus regen, but it's a total pain against 2+ ward versus fire stuff. Take Standard of Discipline, to make your archmage Ld10 in case your lord dies.
Don't bother with the reaver bow on the lord. He's there for one purpose only - to pulverize characters. Think White Sword, perhaps. Give the guy some protection too. That's if you want to take a lord (see below).

The whole point of the list is that it's point denial gone crazy. 100pts are available from the birds - otherwise you're praying for a miracle. They can assault you a literal maximum of 6 times (and that's assuming a first turn charge!). You're testing on Ld10 rerollable, and that's if you lose combat. You're immune to magic, functionally immune to small arms (-3 to hit) and take little damage from war machines (only D6 hits per shot). Wipe units off the board with arrows / pit of shades, and bounce everyone who charges you in combat - they have to break you, and you're stubborn. So what if they kill 10 archers, who cares? "We have reserves". The Lord in combat is literally the only concession to 'fun' in that list, as he will take every attack possible every turn (which could be 10 models worth). If you're not putting him into combat, the reaver bow is fine then! However, you'd probably do better just taking a second wizard - probably Death mage (miasma + purple sun is fun).

Oh and by the way, don't even try the fluff excuse. Fozzrik's Folding Fortress of Fletched Fun is a terrible, terrible tactic. Deploy it as far on as possible in the middle of the board with the archers inside. Barring miscasts or miracles (or Skaven players with crack's call and a bit of luck), you will simply not lose more than 100pts, and you'd have to be utterly failing to not score that many with arrows/magic. It's a stupid thing, and at least man up and admit you're playing horrific WAAC. It's also a tournament breaker - even a genius of an opponent with a superb list will simply not win. He might not lose, but he won't win - and that means he misses out on vital points to take the lead. Hence why the damn item is banned at most tournaments - I'd consider it far worse than the original power scroll.

Note, this army does not like the watchtower scenario. At all. Blood and Glory is probably fine - just don't let your BSB or general into combat, and you're fine with 3 points.

purge the daemon
18-05-2012, 01:19
Can dark elves do this I wrote a huge 100 man croosbow block list or do they not do as well?

18-05-2012, 07:21
No banner of the world dragon so susceptible to damage from magic that's what makes HEs so broken with this tactic, no-one else can do it as well.

18-05-2012, 07:23
^^^ They don't do as well as the BotWD makes this list possible. With magicks, spells that hit he unit or die (Dwellers, 13th, Infernal Gateway) have the slim potential to end games, but none at all BotWD is in the list.

Edit: I'd argue that Ogres can do it better now. They're chaff when killed doesn't even giveup enough V.Ps to warrant a victory.

18-05-2012, 07:30
As you stated yourself, they aren't immune to magic which makes this list a game breaker ;).

18-05-2012, 21:24
Thanks for all input. I agree to the potential WAAC-ness but thats inherent in all lists and it's up to each person to go down that road or not. I like the idea of the tower but it's very gimmicky indeed. Awesome for a good scenario or finale of some campaign but boring as a standalone list...

No revival of my asur just yet i think...