View Full Version : Empire 2400 points forthe summer tournaments

16-05-2012, 17:21

General of the Empire w. barded warhorse, shield, full plate armor, talisman of preservation, sword of might 191p

Battle Wizard Lord w. lvl 4, dispel scroll 225p


Captain of the Empire w. battle standard bearer, full plate armor, enhanced shield , dragonhelm 106p

Warrior Priest w. barded warhorse, great weapon, heavy armor, van horstman's speculum 128p

Witch Hunter w. brace of pistols, potion of iniative 75p

Engineer 65p


40 Spearmen w. shields, full command 270p
-Detachment 15 miltia 90p
-Detachment 15 swordsmen 105p

8 Inner Circle Knights of the Blazing Sun w. full command, banner of eternal flame/discipline 245p

16 Crossbowmen 144
-Detachment 5 Archers 35p


4 Demigrypf Knights of the Blazing Sun w. standard, musician 252p

2 Great Cannons 240p


Stormbringer War Wagon (hurricanum) 130p

Helblaster 120p

= 2396p

Here's a all-rounder tournament list for the summer, within the rules for ETC and other tournament special notes. It's been hard to adapt my old empire army to hte new book with new units and higher points cost on infantry but this list seems to be the best so far. I wanted to have units with resolution, hitting power and shooting in the same list.


17-05-2012, 16:42
spearmen, huh? A steel standard on Demigryphs maybe? Just to make that support charge WILL happen :D

23-05-2012, 00:15
I might be wrong, but your Captain has both the Enchanted Shield and Dragon Helm which gives him two magic armor selections, which I am under the impression you cannot do? I agree with the Steel Standard as well, or if you cannot find the points even the 15 point +1 Movement Banner (the name escapes me) will help them with positioning and making charges.