View Full Version : Empire 2500pts semi-competitive - Having a re-think.

16-05-2012, 18:37
Hello chums.

I've been playing with this list for a while and having some decent success with it. However I'm considering changing a few things ahead of our groups round of summer tournaments, specifically in the character area. I'm looking at making the General into a Runefang weilding Grand Master. I'm also not entirely sold on the Greatswords. They've been doing okay but I'm not sure if I'd be better served by something else as they're a bit hit and miss.

General - 178pts (goes with Knights)
Full plate armour, shield, Barded Warhorse, Crown of Command and Iron-curse Icon.

Wizard Lord (Beasts) - 250pts (goes with Crossbowmen)
Level 4, Dispel scroll and Opal Amulet.

Captain - 141pts (goes with Greatswords)
Battle Standard, Full plate armour, Talisman of Preservation and Enchanted Shield.

Warrior Priest - 85pts (goes with Knights)
Barded Warhorse, shield and heavy armour.

Warrior Priest - 69pts (goes with Halberdiers)
Heavy armour and shield.

Master Engineer - 65pts

49 Halberdiers - 414pts
Full command.
Detachment - 10 Crossbowmen.

8 Knights - 176pts
Full command and Inner circle.

3 Demigryph Knights - 174pts

Great Cannon - 120pts

Great Cannon - 120pts

29 Greatswords - 319pts
Full command.
Detachments - 2x 5 archers

Helblaster Volley Gun - 120pts

Celestial Hurricanum - 130 pts

Have a look and let me know what you think could be swapped around. :)