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19-05-2012, 07:53
So I've finally got enough models to actually use my Skaven army in a fight, as of yesterday. Ideally I want to round the army off with a combat block of some sort, and I'm struggling with Clanrat unit sizes but have a look and see what I could do...

Grey Seer - 440
Screaming Bell

Warlord - 170
Biting Blade, Enchanted Shield, Rat Ogre Bonebreaker

Chieftain - 122
BSB, Shield, Stormbanner

Warlock Engineer - 100
Level 2 Wizard

Warlock Engineer - 45

40 Clanrats - 265
Full Command, Shields, Poisoned Wind Mortar

40 Clanrats - 265
Full Command, Shields, Poisoned Wind Mortar

40 Clanrats - 265
Full Command, Shields, Poisoned Wind Mortar

5 Rat Ogres - 231
2 Packmasters, Master-bred Rat Ogre

Hell Pit Abomination - 250
Warpstone Spikes

Total 2,153pts/2,500 required

So, issues.

Clanrat unit sizes, 3x40 initially sounds a great way to split my 120 rats, but as I'm using a Screaming Bell, should his unit be larger at the expense of the other two? 50/35/35 sounds a decent compromise, or even 20/50/50 as a bunker and two line units?

Secondly, there's plenty of points there for a good sized unit of 40 Stormvermin or Plague Monks, with a little jigging.
Stormvermin pros;

Weapon Team
Storm Banner caddy meaning BSB can take magic armour instead
Look cool
Probably a better unit for the Screaming Bell to hide in than Clanrats

Plague Monk pros;

Probably more competitive
Also look pretty swish
Better damage output, especially against enemy light infantry
I have a Plague Priest around and could probably jury-rig up a Furnace.

Later on, I may just end up taking both, sacrificing a block of Clanrats, but I can only really afford one of the two for now at least.

20-05-2012, 09:22
Stormvermin are not a better unit for your bell. Ideally I never put my bell in combat. It can fight if it absolutely needs to and I don't panic if someone does charge it, but if I can keep it out of combat I will.
Therefore generally I actually make the unit with the bell either the same size or even smaller than usual. I just want ablative wounds and ranks for combat and for when the bell gets effects that damage the unit. Remember that the bell adds 15 (I think) bases to your unit and it counts for ranks and steadfast.
So I'd stick with 40, 40, 40.

Rat Ogres aren't great... but I can see that you obviously intend to keep them as you have a character joining them. They'll hit hard if they dont get killed by shooting but... meh they're okay I guess, definitely not optimal.

Considering this, I'd get a plague monk unit. Some say Stormvermin aren't as good as them and I would agree. I usually take stormers anyway, but since you're already disadvantaging yourself a little bit by having rogres, you might want to take monks.
Up to you really, both are solid units.

Good luck.

20-05-2012, 09:42
Thanks for the advice! The reasoning I had for the Bell unit size is that it'd be better if it does get hit, but you're right, it's better to keep it out of combat entirely! Indeed I've heard about Rat Ogres not being amazing but I like the idea of a Rat riding a bigger Rat, and he needs a unit to go with. Hopefully, they can also absorb the odd Cannonball heading for the Bell as well.

So Plague Monks seem the better choice, fair enough I'm happy with that suggestion :)