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Shadow Wulfen
20-05-2012, 14:31
Hi there everyone, I am new at Warhammer Fantasy and I decided to start Lizardmen but when I came across a piece of Wargear I needed to be sure about what it confers before I think about taking it.

As I am sure you all know Lizardmen have Scaly Skin so they normally get a 5+ or 4+ save, however in the Saurus Scar-Veteren it gives you the option to give him Light Armour. I was under the impression that Light Armour gave a 6+ Save so why would you take it on someone who already has a 5+ save?

Am I missing something or is what I am saying true?

20-05-2012, 14:41
Armour saves stack, so scaly skin of 5+ combined with light armour grants a 4+ save which can be further improved with shields, mounts etc.
Just to note that different scaly skin saves do not stack however.

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Shadow Wulfen
20-05-2012, 14:58
Thank you, for the quick reply. :)