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20-05-2012, 18:04
Well for about two years now I've been working on my true scale world eaters and now that Im happy with the models im making I thought I'd take a few photos.
140725140726140727140728 these are just a few random marines to show scale, i will be putting up photos of whole units soon.
140732 This is my version of Kharn, he's not in my army list or even based around this army but i got side tracked as usual and made him along with loads of other marines that i can never see myself using in a game unless its apocalypse game.
140733140734140735 this is just a normal tactical marine but i think he's one of my favourite models so far, im happy how he turned out.

20-05-2012, 18:07
14074214074314074414074514074614074714074814074914 0750140751 this is my contemptor and the second contemptor's legs with the dead Emperor's children marine on the base. My World Eater army is based just as they have been introduced to their primarch Angron by the Emperor and have been renamed from the war hounds to the world eaters. I wanted my army set during this period because Angron hadnt influenced the legion notably yet, anyway just to clear things up the contemptor didnt kill the emperor's children an ork did i want a theme that the two legions were fighting together. i want to have more dead marines and wounded ones on bases and objective markers from both legions. Their really fun to make and i love painting emperor's children

21-05-2012, 00:52
14077714077814077914078014078114078214078314078414 0785 so this is my captain and chaplain, the captain will be with 9 tactical marines in a drop pod and the chaplain will be leading 9 assault marines who have dropped their back packs for a drop pod.

22-05-2012, 04:34
140946140945140944140943140947 so i got distracted again and started making a raptor squad.
140938140939140942140941140940here are some photos of Kharn

22-05-2012, 17:08
Looks really great!