View Full Version : Characters on mounts vs cannons and templates

23-05-2012, 15:44

Can someone clarify to me situation when a character on a chariot mount (ie Wizard on Hurricanum or Lector on War Altar) is hit by

A) A cannonball

B) centre hole of a stone thrower?

I'm not sure if both character and chariot are hit, if hits are randomised, etc...



23-05-2012, 15:52
A) Both parts are hit
B) Randomize so that one part takes the "hard" hit (Higher strength, multi-wounds, occasional additional effects), and one takes a "soft" (the basic strength) hit, if the center of the template is on the base. If it is not, both take a "soft" hit.

It is all on p. 105 of the BRB.