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24-05-2012, 13:00
Hi Guys,

I'm going to be judging at a Tournament next weekend, The Railhead Rumble, and was wondering what common rules questions I can preemptively research and answer so I can keep games moving fast and make sure I'm making the fair call. So if you've run across some common questions that are not already FAQ'ed by GW please feel free to list them here and I'll get working on it.


24-05-2012, 15:32
Sure. Here's my FAQ Wishlist (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?332812-FAQ-Wishlist-4-0), which has a rather large list. For the most common unanswered questions...

B01 - Line of Sight issue.
Mg01 - Older book targetting restrictions
SR02 - Special rules and cavalry (and other split profile models)
SR03 - Regeneration against Flaming and non-Flaming attacks at the same initiative
SR06 - Sniper plus something
Ch01 - Stomp and Breath Attacks in challenge
Ch04 - Odd footprint characters in a unit
Ch05 and Ch06 - oddball magic interactions with monster riders
All the Warmachine questions
R04 - Curse of Anraheir and Open Terrain
R05 - Other Tricksters Shard and units with Ward Saves

O&G01 and Sk01 - The line spells and Look Out Sir
WoC01 - Mark of Khorne and Knights (and Chariots and Marauder Horsemen). see SR02.
WoC02 - Mark of Nurgle and Fear
WoC03 and DoC01 - Unit Type of Palanquin rider
Lm01 - Cupped Hands and Miscast modifiers/nullifiers (also consider Pink Horrors)
VC01 - Lore attribute healing characters
OK01 - Greedy fist and spells against wizards
TK01 - My Will Be Done and reduced WS effects
Em01 - Detachments and Steadfast

These are questions that keep popping up here (or have in the past), so you can probably expect to see them.

24-05-2012, 15:40
Ah dang it, I did it again lol... posted in the wrong section. Well the next time I run a fantasy event this will be great, but it's a 40k one in two weeks. Thanks for the effort, sorry for being the wrong one. :D (forgive me)

You did have me second guessing myself for a moment though, was looking through the list and was like whoa... maybe I shouldn't be judging, I don't know these issues at all lol.