View Full Version : DoC vs Dwarfs, Beasts vs VC

25-05-2012, 15:53
Daemons vs Dwarfs

Beastmen vs Vampires

26-05-2012, 13:29
So with your daemon list are you afraid of any other armies in the ETC atmosphere?
Our friends across the pond seem to think that ogres, Lizardman & Skaven got off lightly with etc mark 3. Maybe they did- Monstrous Calvary might need to be restricted.

26-05-2012, 14:21
i think ogres got off a little light but the matchup doesn't worry me. ironblasters are really the only threat to the GUO but the 0-1 cap and all of my chaff units has me feeling pretty confident that i can handle the ironblaster and balesword sorts ogres out well enough. with the sundering banner and a ton of support units, i feel pretty good about the double slann/skink army as well. the only matchup that i'm not too keen on is dark elves with 2 or more peg riders.

since i'm running a balesword though, the more monstrous stuff, the better! the other guys in my team will be running skaven, vampires, and we're testing out an empire list as well.