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26-05-2012, 06:12
Ok guys need help building a list which will govern my next purchases. At this moment I own;

Grimgor Ironhide
30xBlack Orcs w/ FC
Converted Savage Orc Warboss
Converted Savage Orc BSB
38 Savage Orcs w/ FC
120 Night Goblin Spearmen w/ 3 Command Groups
60 Night Goblin Archers w/ 3 Command Groups
BFSP Goblin Big Boss
BFSP Goblin Shaman
BFSP Stone Troll
30xSpider Riders w/ 3 Command Groups
1xDoom Diver
2xSpear Chukka

I plan to buy an Araknarok and a mangler squig (which I will split into 2 from the box)

So what list is the best from the above taking I to account my next definite purchases and any suggested purchases?

Wanna finish the army before the next price hike and get gaming with them as I barely use my orcs compared to my extensive high elf collection!


Spiney Norman
26-05-2012, 13:16
Well you certainly have the core of the army sorted...

Here are some things I would definitely get
A savage Orc shaman, I can't envisage fielding a savage orc unit without it a.) being bigguns and b.) containing the lucky shrunken head (which requires a shaman to carry it) so go for that unless you're happy to have wurrzag count as a generic shaman.

I think the other must-buy for you is probably a set of fanatics, I personally would always include them because it's an element of craziness in a totally crazy army. Also you might want to give some thought to converting some Netters for your B4SP Night gobs.

For further development I would consider the following;
A rock lobber would probably be high on my list, and maybe some more common trolls to accompany your B4SP troll (he is a common btw not stone, although you could probably get away with counting him as a stone if you really wanted). However before you go crazy on rare choices have a quick calculate and make sure you have space to fit them all in, I'm damn near certain you won't fit an arachnarok, 2 manglers, a doom diver, rock lobber and stone trolls in at 2500.

The other thing I always bring is a squig herd, you only need to buy squigs because you have plenty enough NG plastics you could use as herders by the sound of it.

I would go with something like this, which works mostly with what you have already

L4 NG Great Shaman
L2 Savage shaman w/ shrunken head
Savage BSB

30 Savage Orcs bigguns w/ extra hand weapons & full command
50 Night Goblins w/ spears, Netters, full command and 3 fanatics
20 NG Archers w/ banner and musician (bunker for your NG Mage)
5 Spider riders w/musician

30 Black Orcs w/ full command
1 Common Troll
2 spear chukkas

Arachnarok Spider
Doom Diver
2 Mangler Squigs

Note that I haven't calculated the points precisely, but based on my lists it feels about right for a 2500 list. It is very infantry based and if you prefer the big Waaagh! Lore you might want to switch the Orc shaman to L4 and the NG to L2, but again this will cost a little bit more.

27-05-2012, 16:34
Ok based on the above response i have put the following together;

Grimgor Ironhide - 355

Savage Orc Great Shaman - 255
Lvl 4
Lucky Shrunken Head

Night Goblin Shaman - 110
Lvl 2
Dispel Scroll

Savage Orc Big Boss - 154
Magic Banner ~50pts
Great Weapon

30 Savage Orc Biguns - 385

50 Night Goblins - 300
3 Fanatics

20 Night Goblins - 90
Short Bows

30 Black Orcs - 430
Magic Banner ~ 30pts

Spear Chukka - 35

Spear Chukka - 35

Arachnarok - 320

Mangler Squig - 65

Mangler Squig - 65

Total - 2599

How should i lighten this down to 2500? Am i better leaving out grimgor and running and savage/black orc warboss? Or leave out the warboss completely to make room for some rock lobbas??

Wanna get a list together so i can start play testing and tweaking :)

I have some Orc Boyz coming in the post. Shoudl i drop the 50 Night Goblins and get some regular boyz in there?