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26-05-2012, 13:54
Hi Guys!

I am really digging the new Empire book - having never played Empire I come into the army fresh without any sort of expectations but I do have a couple questions.

1) What at the thoughts on the Imperial Griffon as a mount? The model is great but I can't seem to justify the points (I play 2500 mostly)
2) I really like the idea of small attachments of ranged state troops (10 of either Handgunner or Crossbowmen). I prefer the look of the Crossbowmen but I seem to lean toward the Handgunners in purely stat-effectiveness. Is the difference big enough for me to pass on the great Crossbow models?


27-05-2012, 17:57
I actually think Crossbowmen are the better choice. Yes, they lack AP, but you make up for that with being able to shoot on turn 1. (And having a deent chance of getting under-half-range shots in later). But certainly, 10-man units are a decent choice as detachments.

27-05-2012, 18:02
why not just ask in the empire thread rather than making a new one?

The griffon suffers in 8th like all ridden monsters, to easy to cannon 1 shot, however if your going to take just add a ward save, a pistol, and a nice sword

as for missile detachments, archers are best as a screen followed by crossbows, as most chaff prob won't have much of an amour save, if your shooting anything but chaff, a helblaster or outriders would do you better

27-05-2012, 19:25
Unless you are taking less than 10 shooters, dont take as detachments. Ranged detachments have almost no benefit compared to you losing a drop and having to deploy with their main units. Any LD bonus and parent-unit Stand and shoot is a lesser bonus compared to that

29-05-2012, 15:51
Thanks guys, I'll continue any questions in the Empire Tactica thread. I think I'll go with crossbows, probably 10 of them.