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The Kvlt Is Alive!
27-05-2012, 14:51
Hey guys, been working on a 2,000 points Empire army, and am looking for some feedback.

Lords (298):
Arch Lector
- Heavy Armour, Shield, War Altar, Van Horstmann's Speculum
points: 298

Heroes (366):
Captain of the Empire [joins Halberdiers]
- Battle Standard Bearer
- Hand weapon, Full Plate Armour, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone
points: 121

Witch Hunter [joins Halberdiers]
- Brace of Pistols
points: 55

Master Engineer
points: 65

Battle Wizard
- Lvl 2, Dispell Scroll (not sure on which Lore to take, open to suggestions)
points: 125

Core (504):
Halberdiers x39
- 36 Halberdiers
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Sergeant
Swordsmen x15
points: 369

Knights of the White Wolf (Knight of the Inner Circle x5)
- 4 Knights of the Inner Circle with Great Weapon
- Inner Circle Musician with Great Weapon
points: 135

Special (685):
Tuetogen Guard (Greatswords x21)
- 18 Greatswords
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Count's Champion
points: 261

Demigryph Knights x3
- 2 Inner Circle Knights with halberds
- Inner Circle Preceptor with halberd
points: 184

points: 120

points: 120

Rare (120):
Helblaster Volley Gun
points: 120

Total points: 1973

27-05-2012, 15:01
Funny, other than some hero changes, this is the exact list I'm building too. So, guess that means I think its great! Post up your experiences with them!

27-05-2012, 16:55
You definately need a ward save on the arch lector. Since the war altar's ward doesn't tasfer anymore, he screams cannon bait.

Personally, I like light on empire wizards. The light buffs just work really well on cheap(ish) infantry like state troops.

For the halbardiers detatchment, I might consider replacing swordsmen with halbardiers, since they are there to cause a bit more damage.

I might also add another demigryph (unless money is an issue, in which case, no point in spending a fair bit of money on something that you're only going to use a third of)

Other than that seems good