View Full Version : 2500 Vampire Counts needs advice

27-05-2012, 18:51
Lords (255)
Master Necromancer (with the Flaming Skeletons)
- Level 4 Wizard
- Black Periapt

Heroes (551)
Konrad Von Carstein (with the Flaming Skeletons)

Vampire (with the Grave Guard) - Lore of Shadow
- The Screaming Banner
- Fear Incarnate
- Aura of Dark Majesty
- Heavy Armor
- Shield

Necromancer (with the Grave Guard)
- Level 2 Wizard
- Book of Arkhan

Cairn Wraith (with the Grave Guard)

Core (625)
28 Skeletons
- Full Command
- Banner of Eternal Flame

30 Skeletons
- Full Command

25 Zombies
- Standard, Musician

25 Zombies
- Standard

5 Dire Wolves
- Doom Wolf

5 Dire Wolves
- Doom Wolf

Special (798)
37 Grave Guard
- Great Weapons
- Full Command
- Banner of the Barrows

4 Vargheists

1 Spirit Host

1 Spirit Host

Rare (225)

Total: 2454

I'm not really sure what to do with the last 46 points. Would it be worth trying to fit in a Corpse Cart? A Grave Guard horde striking at Initiative 3 sounds pretty scary - lots of Str 6 attacks hitting before Ogres/Orcs/Dwarves/Lizards and potentially other armies thanks to Miasma from the Vamp BSB.
I'd also like to get another Ethereal Hero character in the list, to help protect my Master Necro (place him in the 2nd rank).

Any suggestions or criticisms would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

28-05-2012, 17:06
If you're running 2 blocks of skellies starting below 35 models, I'd definitely invest in Master of the Dead on your Master Necromancer.

Also the way you are running your characters makes no sense. Why have your fragile Necromancers in your combat units? Stick them in zombie units to use as bunkers.

If you take a wraith or banshee, run them with the fear-bombing vampire so those 45pts you paid for 3d6 anti-bsb fear aren't wasted againt fear-causing enemies.

The corpse cart is really nice, and makes your early magic phases more important as your opponent wont want to be charging into ASF GG most of the time. It has nice syngergy with miasma via that as well, or vanhels/book of arkhan.

28-05-2012, 18:25
Thanks for the advice! I might grab Master of the Dead if I have the points, but the skeletons are really just there for bunkers and point-fillers.

It seems stupid to put my squishy wizards in the line of battle, but they definitely need to stay with the rest of the army AND most of their spells are very short ranged. Keep in mind that the lvl 4 is also my general. They probably should go in bunkers, but I just don't know how I can fit my entire army around a 12" bubble.

I actually do have a Wraith with the Grave Guard. Fear causers still have to test ;)

I think I will add a Corpse Cart. Would it be better to drop 1 Vargheist (going down to 3) or 1 Spirit Host?

My only real concern is that I'll need to start with the Grave Guard, 2 blocks of Skeletons (Konrad and the lvl 4 bunker), the zombies (lvl 2 bunker), the Terrorgheist, and the Corpse Cart in general range...Not sure if that's even possible. This is assuming I put the Necros in Skeleton/Zombie bunkers.