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27-05-2012, 20:55
So I'm thinking of double mages and double cauldrons for some casual gaming and wanted input on how competitive people think this list might be:

Supreme Sorceress, lvl4 (shadow)
Opal Amulet, sacrificial dagger

Sorceress, lvl 2 (fire or metal)
Lifetaker, tome of furion

Cauldron of Blood x2

19 spear elves w/ FC, shields (lvl4 bunker)
Banner of Discipline (+1Ld)

15 xbows w/ shields (lvl2 bunker)
Guards master

21 corsairs w/FC and Sea Serpant Banner(frenzy)

10 Shades w/AHW

20 Blackguard w/FC, Crimson Death, banner of murder (armor piercing)

10 Cold One Knights w/FC, whip of agony, banner of hag graef (ASF)

29-05-2012, 14:07
The small unit sizes will probably not last long. While the hatred on spearmen is nice, it won't help them survive against anything better than a normal human. Against a unit of WoC, Ogres or Saurus they won't last 1 turn. So then whatever wizard your putting in that unit is also gone. It MIGHT be fun with two caldrons but it's most probably going to lose unless you get lucky with magic. It could have a chance if you can charge those caldrons into any decent sized unit with your other large units. You'r going to have to have a lot of room on the table, hope you outnumber their total units and get off a lot of flank charges to have a chance. if the enemy can get any of your units 1 on 1 they're toast except the Black Guard or Cold ones. Corsairs are still interesting but I don't see many people using them. I'd dump the Corsairs and beef up the guard and the spears.

30-05-2012, 04:47
The spearelves are simply a bunker for the lvl4 and not intended to be a combat unit. Similar for the xbows with the level 2.

Cauldron's can't charge as they are unit type war machine and I'm not sure you would really want to charge with them in most cases anyway.

Not sure I get your comment on corsairs. Perhaps people don't understand that unit dishes out 29 attacks re-rolling to hit in the first round or 36 with the Cauldron buff, and they have a 4+ save against shooting. If anything I would add a rank or 2 to the corsairs for durability.

The Corsairs and Cold Ones are meant to be hammers. The Black Guard to hold the line (they are max at 20) and there really aren't any anvils.

I thought being able to add 2 buffs each turn might be brutal. I also thought the magic build was fairly standard.

30-05-2012, 13:28
What I meant about the spearmen is that it doesn't seem large enough. Against a unit of Spear Saurus or Chaos warriors for example they could easily lose 10-15 the first round and flee. that is unless your planning on holding them in the back. The Xbows would be fine for that since they will hold back anyway unless truly needed to make a flank or something.

Not saying the Corsairs are bad, but that I feel your other units aren't large enough and the points could be used to beef them up. if you lose the spearmen you lose your lvl 4, if you lose the Black guard you lost your best unit. The 2 caldrons won't do nearly as much good if the unit it's boosting is cut in half in one round of combat. Though it very much depends on what army your fighting against.

Aha I didn't realize they counted as War machines and couldn't charge. But if I was able, yes I would charge them. 10 poisoned attacks and a 4+ ward save, Terror and Hatred.

However. I almos understand we have to use what models we have and can't always run out and drop 50 or 100 bucks on models to fill out the perfect units. So I say test it out and see what happens. That's the only way.

30-05-2012, 18:46
Black guard limited to 20 models is a left over from earlier additions, but those are the limits.

Spears are intended to be sacrifice fodder and not combat troops. I could drop a cauldron for a hydra for an anvil unit, but the hydra becomes a priority target.

I get your comments in general though and will consider it. A unit of chaos warriors will wipe every unit except the Cold Ones in 1-2 rounds of combat.

I also wanted to play something different than the dread lord build and hydras. I have at least a few of every model except special characters and harpies. I have 30 executioners, but you almost have to build the list around them.


30-05-2012, 22:55
I don't get the ASF banner on the Cold Ones, I've seen this before...
They've got I6 and hatred, so they'll strike before most other stuff (HE aside) AND have re-rolls, so you're pretty much wasting 35 points on nothing (unless you call having those 5 Cold One attacks go first before anything strikes back a major improvement).

Maybe drop 1-2 units (even considering the Black Guards) for a Witch Elf horde? With the 5++ from the CoB they've got the same save as BG and Spearmen, and they hit with more attacks. Also count as Stubborn if within Cauldron range.

31-05-2012, 20:39
The ASF on the cold ones is a perk, but hatred only works on the first round. The banner gives them rerolls every round in case they get stuck in.

That's a good point on witches I'll have to see how many I have, but I think it's only20. Which won't be enough. But I could bump the corsairs up.

Thanks for the comment.

01-06-2012, 11:09
No bsb?
The list looks good, but realistically, you will need something to put some pain in.
Possibly have a cauldron sitting next to your crossbows.... It's a hard target to munch, and should help make your opponent think, volentary flee so they have to redirect.
I have had success using a sorceress lv2 of fire w a dark rider unit.

01-06-2012, 14:46
I could drop the tome or lifetaker and fit in the BSB, but I'm limited to 600 and I'm at 580. I really like Lifetaker for the S4 hitting on 2's 3 shots. It's great for lone characters and mages.

Never considered sorceress with dark riders as they lose fast cav.

02-06-2012, 00:08
I've had some decent results using sorceress, darkriders w master to guard the sorc.
Master, full armour, dark steed, dragon helm, beast master scourge. 118 points.
Sorc, xtra lv, scroll. 160 pts.
Master has a 1+ save.....
Give riders shields and xbows and run 15 in a unit, they do ok.
Can't charge off w no support though, and 5 cold ones help there.