View Full Version : Possibly stupid BSB question

27-05-2012, 21:04
After having a search, the answer to this question still avoided me. Which means either it's a dumb question and i can't figure it out on my own, or I just can't search properly.

In the empire book, one of your captains can be the BSB. A battle standard allows units within 12" to reroll Ld tests. I also have the option to give hime a magic stadard. If I decide to give him a magic standard, does he still give the normal bonuses for being a BSB as well as the bonus for the magic standard? Or does he lose the bonuses for the Battle standard and replace them with the bonuses for the magic standard?

Thanks for answering

Ister Flersson
27-05-2012, 21:36
He does not lose the regular abilities of a battle standard when taking a magical standard.