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28-05-2012, 02:21
So I've been wanting lizardmen army for a little while now but suddenly thought to myself the other day, "Magic is cool and all but, ya know, I think what I really want is an army that can kick a** in the combat phase also, if the mood strikes me, allow me to field big monsters and such." And it happens that OnG, namely Savage Orcs, can fit this roll quite nice. So, if it's not too much of a problem, I would appreciate it if you kind gentlemen and gentlewomen would comment and critique my list.

1 Savage Orc Warboss @ 223.0 Pts
General; Second Choppa
Armour of Silvered Steel

1 Savage Orc Great Shaman @ 255.0 Pts
Magic Level 4; Big Waagh; Choppa
Lucky Shrunken Head

1 Savage Orc Big Boss @ 152.0 Pts
Second Choppa; Battle Standard
Armour of Destiny

1 Savage Orc Shaman @ 130.0 Pts
Magic Level 2; Big Waagh; Choppa
Dispel Scroll

50 Savage Big 'Uns @ 605.0 Pts
Big Stabba; Second Choppa; Full Command

5 Savage Boar Boyz @ 120.0 Pts
Second Choppa; Standard; Musician

5 Savage Boar Boyz @ 120.0 Pts
Second Choppa; Standard; Musician

18 Savage Boar Boyz @ 395.0 Pts
Second Choppa; Full Command

P.S. I was thinking of using these celt miniatures (http://www.wargamesfactory.com/webstore/might-of-rome/celt-warband-box-set) as teh orcs, would help save money and I think they don't look all that bad. What would you say to that idea?

Thanks a lot!

28-05-2012, 17:29
I think you should drop the Warboss. Without a magic sword he's not *that* killy, and for 223 points I don't think he'll add a huge amount to the damage output of the unit. Points would be better spent on 2 Mangler squigs (because you should *always* take 2 mangler squigs!) and maybe squeeze in a chariot to support the boar boy charge?

28-05-2012, 17:56
If you're planning on using the Warboss for the Leadership bonus it might be worth considering putting him in a unit of Boar Boyz? Granted they're not considered the best troop choice by any measure but at least then they can take a Magic Standard (Standard of Discipline) and put him up to Leadership 10?
I'm not massively keen on those Celts either - they look rather scrawny for Orcs (remember, they'll need to go on 25mm bases)

Oogie boogie boss
29-05-2012, 13:16
As someone who is doing another SO army, I say bravo. Personally, I'd drop the armour on the Warboss and give him a magic weapon and maybe, say, the potion of speed. This is a blunt weapon, and you want your most powerful character to be doing as much damage as possible. I'd also make your big BB unit your big uns, drop one of the other BB units and use the points to get another unit of boys. This army needs numbers to soak up the casualties that you will take from units slowed by animosity or frenzy pulling them out of position.