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29-05-2012, 05:33
Sorcerer Lord- lvl 4, spell familiar, enchanted shield, shrieking blade, talisman of preservation, iron curse icon, lore of shadow=380

exalted hero- bsb, MOT, shield, dragon helm, talisman of endurance, favor of the gods, biting blade=200

sorcerer- lvl 2, charmed shield, opal amulet, dispel scroll, lore of fire, third eye of tzeentch =190

Warriors(33) MoT, shield, command, banner of discipline=593

Marauders(45) MoT,shield, light armor, musician, Standard bearer=302

Dragon Ogres(6) Great Weapons =462

Warshine Mot =150

Warshine Mot =150


The three characters go in the warriors and they are 6x6 block. The marauders are 5x9 as a tar pit.
The Dragon Ogres are super fast hit hard and are ok armor and 4 wounds is nice. they are used to deal with Warsphinx,
steam tanks, knights, and put pressure on teclis on the flank.

Throne of Skulls 2012 list

Evil Hypnotist
29-05-2012, 10:56
Looks good, I would offer a couple of suggestions though:

1. Why the Shrieking Blade on the lvl 4? Having him cause fear is pretty much useless in 8th, if you are looking for a magical attack in case of etherals I think the Relic Sword would be a better all round weapon, or if you could find another 5 points maybe the Sword of Striking?

2. You have a huge amount of points in your warrior unit covered from war machine fire by just the Iron Curse 5+ ward. I would drop a Dragon Ogre and get another full command for a second unit of warriors. I find 5x3 enough usually, even though you lose the attacks from deploying six wide you still put out more overall from both units and make less of a target for war machines and big spells.

3. Drop the light armour on your Marauders, many units have Str. 4 and/or Armour Piercing (making it pretty much worthless) and use the points to fund the Wailing Banner for your BSB and increase your chances of getting the top Eye of the Gods result.

29-05-2012, 15:44
1. I take the shrieking blade works just as good as the wailing banner because i can re roll fear.

2. that is an issue i have been running in to alot. I won a tournament that i had the same list but with a knight exalted hero and 9 knights.

3. i like the light armour because i can use the 6 up than 5 up save is nice.

Note: I get the 12 on an average. i know that sounds exaggerated, but i do. People like to use final transformation on my unit to kill my characters and widdle the unit down.

29-05-2012, 17:12
You should have that level 2 on a disc to hunt warmachines and act more flexible with his third eye (think positional spells like purple sun). Give him MoT, disc, Golden eye of tzeentch and a scroll with third eye as his gift. Take a puppet on the level 4.

03-06-2012, 03:17
i will try the disc, but i will not take the familiar off the lvl4. it has made getting spells i want to so reliable. the disc sounds interesting and war machines can be a problem.