View Full Version : New Fantasy from 40K Daemon List needs help

29-05-2012, 15:13
Hey everyone

I'm another one of those 'try my 40K army in fantasy' dudes.

Mate and his gf recently got a starter fantasy set and wanted me to try my daemons as well. I know that its around 750point odd Skaven 950 odd high elves, so I'm aiming for a 1000 point Chaos Daemon army.

Would love some suggestions! I already have 20 bloodletters, all greater daemons except LoC (though bit exxy at this level), as well as seekers of slaanesh, Daemonettes and pleaguebearers. Wouldn't mind buying a few extra things, but would definitely need some assistance (speed reading rules for fantasy now!)

29-05-2012, 15:58
You'll want a herald for your bloodletters, it gives them hatred which makes them much more effective, these together should come to around 400, another box of bloodletters would make this a very solid unit for this point size game and with the herald should take you about half way to your total. GDs are out as too expensive for this size game I'm araid. Seekers will give you some welcome maneuverability, assuming 5 this is another ~125 points so getting toward your goal. Plaguebearers and Daemonettes are both good too but need a reasonable sized unit say at least 20 and take one of these not both at this size depending upon preference, then probably add some special / rare units to taste and a mage. If you're going for effectiveness best bets are probably Flamers, Flesh hounds and a herald of Tzeentch although on his own he'll be a bit exposed to fire so you might want a unit of 10 horrors to hide him in. Now if you have a theme or gods etc. in mind let us know.

A list might look something like:

30 Letters

Herald of Khorne with gifts of your choice (recommend armour of khorne)

5 Seekers

20 Daemonettes

Herald of Slaanesh + magic level (for two god theme) this would be 1000 points or thereabouts

Or 20 letters

Herald of Khorne

5 Seekers

Herald of Tzeentch on Disc

5/6 Flamers of Tzeentch

10 Daemonettes roughly 1000 again