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29-05-2012, 18:13
Hey there all and thanks in advance.

Just looking for some pointers on the following list. It's not intended to be super competitive, but I'm hoping not to get stomped into the ground either.

Chaos Lord w/ Mok, Rending sword, helm of many eyes, talisman of endurance, necrotic phylactery, shield.
Bsb w/ Mok, sword of swift slaying, collar of khorne.

30 marauders w/ mok flails, command
19 warriors w/ mok adhw, razor banner, command
14 chosen w/ mok, halberds, favor, command, warbanner
2 warshrines
3 units of 5 hounds. Comes to 1991.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

30-05-2012, 13:59
I know you don't have many units but I'd make the hounds into 2 slightly larger units. 2 shots from pretty much anything and they are running. Otherwise your just running into the same WoC issue we all have. Few expensive units. Depending on who they are fighting they could wipe the floor or get wiped. You will be limited in your deployment even with 2 or 3 dog units. The Chosen have a good chance at having +1 S or more so the Razor standard may not be the best choice since they'll already be at a -2 or -3 AS.

Also on your lord you have 2 talismans. I don't believe that is legal. I'd drop the Phylactery since I don't see him failing any stat tests and poison still won't get through his armor. However a Dragonhelm is armor and the helm of many eyes is enchanted item so you could take the Dragonhelm to lower the lords AS to 2+ for the same 10 points. 2+ AS and 5+ ward will make him last.

30-05-2012, 15:19
The thinking behind the hounds was to help draw out my opponents units and to help facilitate unit vs unit match ups in my favor. Beyond that, they bee-line it towards enemy warmachines, draw out fanatics and attempt to force frenzy moves. If they get shot up instead of my defenseless marauders, well...the world won't miss a few chaos hounds. Any thoughts on the BSB? He has ASF, but I have the nagging suspicion that he's not very survivable. He goes in with the chosen. Thanks for the advice by the way.

30-05-2012, 15:26
If I can suggest something: You need a character shanker. Somebody who can quickly be thrown at a level 2 wizard or BSB and confidently score the 2 wounds necessary to kill them. I'm not of the 'You need magic' style of play that is so pervasive, but if you don't, you desperately need SOMEthing to take out enemy wizards and BSBs quickly. Just be aware that your big units will quickly be hexed and smashed or the enemy will be augmented so that one particular matchup won't be favorable.

Normally, an army that specializes in picking fights needs to be fast in order to minimize casualties from magic and shooting. Your hounds might be able to take on a war machine or a lone wizard, but in a unit the hounds probably won't get off an attack.

30-05-2012, 17:20
If you want to use the chosen with the two warshrines like you have now, I would give the chosen the wailing banner so you have a much better shot at buffs you want. I would probably drop the chosen and one of the warshrines, throw in a hellcannon and get another block of warriors.

03-06-2012, 00:22
If I can suggest something: You need a character shanker.

A shaggoth with additional hand weapons is actually very good at this.

Personally I would swap the lord for another exalted

04-06-2012, 14:42
I own a shaggoth, but I'm not sold on his ability to survive in 8th ed's environment. (Steadfast, cannons, heavy magic). Would Hell Cannons serve better ran in pairs? Thanks for the help so far.

04-06-2012, 15:36
Cannon - Only Empire, Dwarf and Ogre cannons can hurt it, its immune to warp lightning cannons, so out of 15 armies thats 3 armies that have a great counter to it, even so if they are aiming cannons at your shaggoth then they are not aiming them at your units.

Steadfast - And? you wouldn't charge a hellcannon into a unit solo either, thing with shaggoths is because it has lord level stats and options for equipment you can build it to deal with whatever you want, S8 for heavily armed units, S6 for lighter units and mage hunting, other armies are far more reliant on magic to support them than we are in combat. Also keep in mind unlike the hellcannon its M7 and on a small base, this makes a difference.

Magic - The hellcannon is actually more likely to die to magic, a Shaggoth has I4, whats the hellcannon? I1/2?

04-06-2012, 16:26
I've also had some good success with a Shaggoth, I use mine to tear up heavy cav and control a flank with that great weapon of his. Most people will throw more than whats needed to remove him because of the fear of him getting behind your lines.

- Sid

06-06-2012, 17:16
A single Shaggoth enough? I'm of the school of thinking that if its good enough to field once, field it twice. I might drop my chosen to a second squad of ADHW warriors with the wailing banner and possibly the shrines for a pair of monsters. Thanks for the suggestions.