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29-05-2012, 22:31
Well I have been playing around with lists for a few days now in between work and what not, at the moment I am trying to go with a Lahmian, Van helsing and middenheim, this is what what have at the moment (still waiting on some bits to arrive in the post), so the basic layout.

Vampire lord with the grave guard, vampire with the skeletons, wolves and varg as flankers, warmachine hunters, terror to go round pissing people off, graveguard will be the center of my battle line supported by the ghouls and skeletons, I had originally considered taking a necromancer lord in the list, it just doesn't fell right with the theme I have taken, i was also going to take zombies but I decided I would put off those conversions until this had all been done.


Countess Aleera Jinette
Vampire Lord
- lvl3 Sorcerer
- Armour of Destiny
- Sword of Anti-Heroes
- Quick Blood
- Red Fury
Total 450pts s


Countess Verona Jinette
- lvl 1 sorcerer
- Additional Hand weapon
- Talismans of Preservation
- Quick Blood
Total 183pts


5 Direwolves
Total 40pts

5 Direwolves
Total 40pts

30 Skeleton Warriors
- Fullcommand
Total 180pts

Crazed Villagers
30 Ghouls
Total 300pts


Cursed Teutogen Guard
27 Gave Guard
- Fullcommand
- Great weapons
- Banner of the Barrows
Total 404pts


Enslaved Skin Wolf
Total 175pts

Total 225pts