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30-05-2012, 13:13
This is the list I've been testing. It seems to have a good "All Comers" spread of units. Though the Saurus units are massive I feel that having 3 units of them makes it tough for opponents to choose where they should target. So I'm just looking for any input you guys/girls would like to give. 2 heavy hitters seems to work good. It gives me a lot of options against other heavy hitters or hoard troops. Last night I charged both Steg into a unit of Black Orcs and killed 24 of the 25 first round.

Slann (Alone) (BSB), Higher State, Focused Rumination, Divine Plaque of Prot - 380 ( I have gone back and forth between Focused and Becalming and have yet to decide which I like better)

Saurus SV, Lt Armor, Shield, Biting Blade - 103
Saurus SV, Lt Armor, Shield, Gold Sigil Sword - 108
Skink Priest on EoTG, Dispel Scroll - 380 (I'd like to have a little more protection here like a Dawnstone but I feel more comfortable with my two SV having a magic weapon)

Saurus Warriors x24 (5x5), Spears, Shields, Full Command - 318
Saurus Warriors x24 (5x5), Spears, Shields, Full Command - 318
Saurus Warriors x18 (3x6), HW, Shields - 198

Skink Skirmishers x10 - 70
Skink Skirmishers x10 - 70
Chameleon Skinks x5 - 60

Salamander Hunting Pack x2 (extra handlers) - 160, I could split these. Two seem to work well and give me a larger group of handlers to eat.
Stegadon - 235

31-05-2012, 17:53
No replies overnight with almost 50 views. I suppose that means most people think it's a fairly solid list with few enough changes to not bother posting. I admit other than having 2 Stegs it is a pretty basic generic, cover all bases list. The one thing I'd love to have would be a unit of 6 Krox but I only have 3 models and like the 3 units of Saurus. I would also like a plaque of Tepok for the extra spell, especially with Focused but I'm really tight between points and unit sizes. With the 25s I have the option to go 6 wide if needed and with the 3rd unit I may be able to outnumber heavy core infantry units of the enemy.

31-05-2012, 20:08
What lore are you running on the Slann?

Run the Salamanders as 2 singles instead of a pair.

I think you'd get some good mileage out of swapping at least one Saurus unit for a unit of Skink Krox.

As happy as I am to see one of the only Lizardman lists in existence where both Scar-Vets are on foot, if you want the list to be competitive they should be mounted. The addition of the Cold One takes them from not really adding anything to really quite broken. There are also much better kit options for them elsewhere, I think I've put them up around a dozen times in other threads now but:

Burning Blade/Sword of Might, Charmed Shield, Dawnstone, light armour Cold One

Great weapon, light armour, Dragonhelm, Amulet of Itzl, Venom of the Firefly Frog.

01-06-2012, 19:50
Not enough points for the extras on the Vets unless I dump the Ancient Steg. I've had amazing luck with two Stegs so much that I don't wish to drop them. My issue with the Skrox unit is the same as most people who don't choose to run them. The kinks give away to much combat res. The Krox doing 4-7 wounds isn't enough when an enemy pretty much auto wounds any attacks they do against the skinks. Unless they're sitting right beside the Slann then thier leadership isn't enough to cover the losses. And if they are sitting close to the Slann then they aren't making use of their speed and you're better off with the Saurus.