View Full Version : 2 sticky questions that need clarity!

30-05-2012, 19:22
1.Make Way.
Anyone been useing unit champions to perform "make way"?Although treated as a character in many respects the example given seems only available to hero and lord level characters.
2.Curse of the midnight wind.(lore of heavens)
I have cast this spell on my enemies unit in combat,the unit has hatred or always strike first,misses some attacks then re-rolls with a few 6"s basic principles state dice may never be re-rolled more than once so does fury and skill override the power of sorcery?

30-05-2012, 19:37
1. After looking back through the book, you are correct in that only characters may "make way" although a unit champion can be moved if it successfully challenges another model.

2. If the unit with hatred or ASF rolled any 6s at the beginning then he'd have to re-roll those along with any of his misses. The re-rolls would be final.