View Full Version : 2500 WoC Main opponents are VC, Lizards, Beasts, and Skaven

31-05-2012, 01:49
Let me know what you think, and where I should rearrange points to squeeze more out of it.

- Lvl 4 Sorcerer Lord, MoT, Disk, Talisman of Preservation, Infernal Puppet, Charmed Shield - 395pts

- Exalted Hero, MoT, Disk, Halberd, Golden eye of Tzeentch, Book of Secrets - 194pts

- Exalted Hero, MoT, Chaos Steed, Halberd, Dragon Helm, Talisman of Endurance, BSB - 205pts

- 50x Chaos Marauders, MoK, GW, Standard- 288pts

- 22x Chaos Warriors, MoK, Halberds, Musician, Standard, Rapturous Banner - 420pts (BSB here)

- 15x Chosen, MoT, Shields, Champ, Standard, Wailing Banner, Favor or the Gods - 390pts

- 5x Chaos Knights, MoK, Champ, Standard - 270pts

- Hellcannon - xxxpts

- Chaos Warshrine - xxxpts

Thanks for any thoughts.

Thinking about dropping 5 of the marauders to give the warshrine MoT, any thoughts on this?