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31-05-2012, 03:04
- Head 1: (Throne of Vines{Life}, Dweller Blow{Life}, Bironas Time Warp {Light}, Pha’s Protection {Light})
- Head 2: (Miasma{Shadow}, Pit of Shades{Shadow}, Enfeebling Foe{Shadow}, Mindrazor {Shadow})

Heros:[34.4%]: Herald of Khorne
- Armor of Khorne (3+ armor)
- BsB
o Great Icon of Despair (-2 Leadership)

Heros:[19.2%]: Herald of Slaanesh
- Siren Song (Charge me or Flee)
- Torment Blade (+1 A)

Heros:[22.4%]: Herald of Tzeentch
- Master Sorcery (Life)
- Spellbreaker(Scroll)

Heros:[14.4%]: Masque of Slaanesh

Core: 38 Bloodletters[39%]
- Bloodreaper
- Standard Bearer
o Icon of Endless War(3D6 First Charge)
- Musician

Core: 28 Daemonettes[30%]
- Alluress
- Standard Bearer
o Siren Standard (Cant Flee/Stand and Shoot)
- Musician

Core: 5 Furies[.5%]

Rare: 6 Flamers[34%]
Rare: 1 Fiend of Slaanesh [8.8%]
Rare: 1 Fiend of Slaanesh [8.8%]

So im playing another comp tourney with my friends. I wanted to try a Khorne/Tz/Slannesh Tri-God List. The idea is for the Horde of Letters to be centralized in the middle. They counter heavy armored/Knights. They will hold against hordes. Deamonettes on right/left flank of letters. Their job is to go after smaller/weaker units. They flank any unit that the Letter unit charged. They can become deadly with mindrazor, and they also provide a Siren Song to manipulate enemy charging. Masque + Great Icon of Despair to break and make enemy units fail their fear tests. Flamers counters monsters/warmachines/light armor/low T units. Fiends go war machine hunting/ long wizard hunting/ charge blockers. The furies have the same job as the fiends. I feel that i may drop the furies for more letters and daemonettes.

Overall I think the list is solid and makes good use of the 3 gods.