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31-05-2012, 10:02
Hi all

I'm a 10+ year absent returning player. I've always regretted not playing Wood Elves when I was young so I've gone for them this time in spite of all the messages out there on how "weak" they are. I like the fluff and models!

As part of a Tale of 6 Gamers, we're moving in to the 1000point range. How does this army list look for a newbie??

Lvl 3 Lifeweaver; Amaranthine Brooch – 250pts
14 Glade Guard; Musician, Standard with Banner of Eternal Flame – 196pts
8 Dryads – 96pts
4 Treekin – 260pts
5 Wardancers – 90pts
2 Great Eagles – 100pts

It's probably too close combat heavy - but I had pretty average experiences in 400pts learning games with my archery I have to say.

I've also gone straight for a magic user Lord. This seems to be the done thing?

Any thoughts are welcome!

31-05-2012, 13:04
Good list check your math your glade gaurd is 207

31-05-2012, 14:13
Good list check your math your glade gaurd is 207

Thanks for replying :)

Is the balance of archery vs Hand to Hand okay do you think?

Thanks for the Maths check, although I must still be doing something wrong
14 Glade Guard = 168
+ Musician = 6
+ Standard = 12
+ Eternal Flame = 10
I've got 196 this time. I'd forgotten to actually add the points on for the upgrades :(

Luckily my total points included the extra, just my copy and paste missed them out!

31-05-2012, 14:27
I think you are okay with the balance maybe go 2 small units of bows
Keep your weaver
2X10 glade gaurds w/champs
5 dancers w/ champ
8 dryads
3 treekin
2 eagles

Try that and see if it works

31-05-2012, 14:30
Oooh that's closer to something I had before (18bows).

You'd take a champ in the bows? I found the bows in my 4 learning games so hit and miss....more miss tbh. But then I am worried about my stupidly low model count.
Ditch the banner too?
(thanks again)

31-05-2012, 15:29
You might consider dropping ward save from the weaver. She will be hiding in glade guards and if something gets to CC with this unit, she is as good as dead anyway. Use the points on lvl 4 - better chance of getting dwellers. If you need to drop something from the list start with the champions from GG, followed by champ from wardancers (lots of points for +1BS or +1A imho). Take musicians on your glade guards (for the ability to reform and move), keep the banner only if you will encounter hydras/HPAs/other flammable monsters or for scenarios. Two small units of bows is generally a better idea than one.

31-05-2012, 15:40
Hi DruidNei

Thanks for your feedback - that makes a lot of sense to me. The magic user change makes sense...I hadn't even thought about that. I still really lack the experience to know what certain things are/aren't capable of. The Musicians over Champs sounds a bit more like something I "get" too so I'll switch that about. I have no use for the points from freeing up a wardancer champ that I can think of. Will my weaver be okay in a unit of 10?

Lvl4 Lifeweaver
10 Bows inc Musician
10 Bows inc Musician
8 Dryads
3 Treekin
5 Wardancers inc Champ
2 Great Eagles

31-05-2012, 17:05

I will play such a list this Week End (against HE)
and I have done some mathammer against the expected 10 SM (I think he bought IoB)... I will definitely go to 12 dryads and suppress the WD... (thought they are my favorite WE minis)
I wanted to have one big unit of archers but I think you're right I'll go for two, but I will also run two standard bearers in case of Blood and Glory....

31-05-2012, 17:13
Good luck! Let us know how you do :)

31-05-2012, 17:15
You can't really protect her better at those points, 14 glade guards are as sure to run away as 10 after getting a direct hit from stone thrower, in CC both are dead. If weaver's unit is getting thinned by shooting or threatened by a charge you cannot avoid jump to another unit or out of front arc of the enemy.

I can only say what worked for me, try if it works for you. Experiment with different set-ups, try fitting more shooting or bigger treekin block or switch magic to beasts (some say it's better when using multiple small units). Basics of any good WE army are already in your list: shooting, treekins, dryads and eagles.

EDIT: And good luck with the game. Better shoot down those Swordmasters, before they reach anything in CC.

31-05-2012, 21:03
Thanks for all your help Druid. Yes I just need to see what feels best.

04-06-2012, 07:02

Time for debrief: two easy wins thought I stole a bit the first one!
Firstly my friend Mat had not played since at least 5th edition and he had not bought the rule of 8th ed (I was a bit surprised) thought I had given him, a few weeks ago, a spare HE army book I had
So First game is Blood and Glory and he has 16 or so Full Command SM, 19 or so Full Command LSG, a prince on griffon, a Chrace chariot and that's all.
Turn 1 sees me dweller his SM to 6 of them and, in his turn 1, he charges his prince on griffon into my archer+Lifeweaver. I planned it and fled through my dryads, as planned he redirects into my dryads standing behind, I lose two dryads but kill his general and call (wrongly) the game (error on fortitude points) Anyway his list was not legal as he had 33% lord (but without the book, how could he knows!)
So we started another game
Back for game two

04-06-2012, 10:16
So Game two is a battleline

I evened the game by chosing a level 3 beastweaver + scroll and he changes his lord for a high sorcerer, as he doesn't know the rules, I advise him to take shadow+scroll. He also takes 5 light cavalries (Ellyrian reavers)
We keep the same terrain but switch to battleline...
Things are more even in the beginning and I got pretty scared when he targets my treekin unit with two nasty shadow spells (withering and the I test, Pit of shades). Hopefully I dispel one and scroll the other.
As I did not want to use the same tactics twice (archers fleeing through dryads) I garrison a building with one of my archer unit: big mistake as he can charge me first round with his SM... hopefully he fails the charge... One of my eagle defeats the ellyrian reavers and pursues them. He is shot down next turn. Afterwards he fiascoes his wizard to level 0 which was a big relief and after I have shot down his SM with both my GG units the game is pretty much over. My beastveaver disappears in a vortex by trying to cast a useless spell thought, and only the champion of one of my GG unit remains... so I lose only 350 pts (Spellweaver+2eagles) whereas I destroyed or fled all of his units...
Harsh beginning... However it was two good games and he seems to have enjoyed them!

It seems to me that in non tournament environnement, WE are quite competitive (no defeat yet but mostly with 8th ed. beginners)

12-06-2012, 20:32
alter lord with bow of loren, and arcane bodkins
lvl 2 spellsing with caliangors stave
3x10 glade guard w/musicians
10 dryads w/ branch nymph
2 eagles courtesy ofsugna the feeble ;)

13-06-2012, 07:33
alter lord with bow of loren, and arcane bodkins
lvl 2 spellsing with caliangors stave
3x10 glade guard w/musicians
10 dryads w/ branch nymph
2 eagles courtesy ofsugna the feeble ;)

Sugna the feeble?