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01-06-2012, 01:23
I have been working on a 1500 point list for a tournament I'm playing in and here is what I got. I think its a good start but I want to hear other peoples thoughts. please try to add constructive criticism.

Savage Orc Shaman Lvl 4, S. Head, Ruby Ring

Black Orc Big Boss BSB, Banner of Disp.

Savage Orcs x28 Ahw, BU, St, M
Night Goblins x40 St
Night Goblins x37 St

Doom Diver
Doom Diver
Rock Lobba

Wolf Rider x5
Wolf Rider x5
Troll x1

The plan is to run the character in the Sav Orc unit. Play defensively redirecting with wolfs, single troll and manglers. magic and artillery as the enemy comes in and cleaning up with the savages orcs. the last 300 points were tricky and I decided to go for two units of 40 goblins in ranks to tar pit and have some bodies on the field. I wanted to get nets, a few fanatics and a support goblin wizard but there just weren't any points.

Thoughts? list come in at 1499

01-06-2012, 10:25
Where will you keep the BSB? If you keep in in the savages that's a lot of points in one unit...

Big units of unequipped Night Goblins don't tar pit very well in my opinion.
They need netters at the very least and some Nigh Gobbo heroes if you you can spare the points.

01-06-2012, 17:40
Plan was to run the BSB with the savages, He will quell animosity and I understand that its a lot of points in a single unit but if I lose that unit with or with out the BSB the game is over. plus because I plan to play defensively I wont charge a unit that I dont think I can beat.

What makes 40 unequipped Night Goblins any worse at tar pitting then 40 slaves that people run so much? I too would like nets and fantastic but to get them something has to go.

Do you think the general Idea of the list is flawed in this case?

01-06-2012, 17:51
The reason unequiped night gobbos arent as good as slaves is that they arent LD 10 like slaves end up been due to strength in numbers. Sure you can get the streadfast/general leadership as normal but its no where near as good as slaves. Slaves cost less than gobbos, have less chance of breaking and dont need to be within 12 inch of the general.

Nets change things of course, because at that point things are causing a lot less casualties!

01-06-2012, 18:11
I see your point mainly on the, what is it extra 80 or 40 points goblins cost next to slaves (cant remember if they are 2 or 2.5) I don't think many skaven or o&g players play outside of the general ld bubble thou. Any suggestions on freeing up 90 pts for nets? I really feel like the only way to add with out changing the whole style of the list is to drop one unit of NG and equip the other. but then I will be one unit down and 40models fewer.

Once again thou, these last 300 points are where im really struggling to figure out the list. I like how the rest of it flows.

01-06-2012, 18:19
Aye im not sure, its a very "eggs in all basket" kinda list. I dont really play tourneys in fantasy either so my advice might be all rubbish here anyways too haha!

But have you considering running some small 20 man units on gobbos simply to deliver fanatics? Ive found this is a good tactic against all but people who take crazy amounts of redirectors. And since you are running 2 manglers already, that plus 2/3 fanatic delivering gobbos units means chances are you will eat up there chaff units then have a couple of fanatic/manglers left to send toward valuable targets. At 1500 id say 2 manglers and 4 fanatics could be devestating.

Relies on a fair bit of luck on your part like, heh.