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01-06-2012, 04:07
Hey all, just recently started WoC and here's my first crack at a list. Comments/advice is very welcome!

Current versions as of 6/3/12

Sorcerer Lord (Mark of Tzeentch, lvl 4)=410
-Disc of Tzeentch (Fear, Fly, Flaming attacks, STOMP!), Chaos Armour
-Third Eye of Tzeentch (Steel spells within line of sight)
-Talisman of Preservation (4+Ward)
-Blood of Tzeentch (re-roll 1 casting dice per turn, except natural 1s)

Exalted Hero = 150
-Chaos Armour
-Stream of Corruption (one use only, S3 breath weapon, Armour piercing)
-Biting Blade (Armour Piercing)
-Enchanted Shield (+2 to armour save)
-Luckstone (one use, re-roll armour save)

Exalted Hero (Mark of Khorne) = 220
-Juggernaut (Fear, +3AS, MR1, STOMP!), Chaos Armour
-Axe of Khorne (+1 strength, killing blow)
-Favour of the Gods (add or subtract 1 from EotG rolls, except natural 2)

20 Chaos Warriors =433
-2 hand weapons, full command, Banner of Rage (Frenzy; cannot be lost)

36 Marauders (Mark of Khorne) =230
-Full command, great weapons

2 x 5 Warhounds =30/each

5 Chaos Knights (Mark of Tzeentch) = 290
-Musician, Standard, Blasted Standard (5+ Ward vs attacks in shooting phase)

Hellcannon = 205

01-06-2012, 09:25
Hi LB I like the list just going to leave so of my own preferences on what i would do to.

-- Right this guy is in my opinion a bit too pricey for 2000Pts I try and get him a bit cheaper maybe drop the disk and keep him on foot in a unit also don’t for get you can give chaos sorcerer's magic armour and shields so giving him and enchanted shield would give him even more survivable.

Sorcerer Lord (Mark of Tzeentch, lvl 4)=430
-Disc of Tzeentch
-Third Eye of Tzeentch (Steel spells within line of sight)
-Talisman of Preservation (4+Ward)
-Blood of Tzeentch (re-roll casting dice per turn, except 1s)
-Sword of Battle (+1 attack)

-- I like this guy but you know how to make him better BSB, In this rule set BSB's are golden.

Exalted Hero = 175
-Chaos Armour, Shield
-Stream of Corruption (one use only, S3 breath weapon, armour piercing)
-Sword of Swift Slaying (Always Strikes First)
-Dragonhelm (+1 AS & 2+ ward vs flaming attacks)
-Luckstone (one use, re-roll armour save)

-- I can't think of nothing i change on this guy other than getting him a cheaper mount.
Exalted Hero (Mark of Khorne) = 230
-Juggernaut, Shield
-Axe of Khorne (+1 strength, killing blow)
-Favour of the Gods (add or subtract 1 from EotG rolls, except natural 2)

-- as your only Warriors on the table i would give them shields over AHW if you really want to give them an extra attack give them the banner of rage for best of both worlds also i be tempted to drop them down to a unit of 18 rather the 23 also if you go with shields put the mark of tzeench on them.

23 Chaos Warriors =398 *6x4 led by Exalted on foot
-2 hand weapons, full command

-- No problems hear if it was me i go 6X5 if you know you’re going to lose combat but if you think am going to mince them 10x3 :D

30 Marauders (Mark of Khorne) =230 *10x3 or 6x5?
-Full command, great weapons, light armour

-- Good chaff units

2 x 5 Warhounds =30/each

-- Knight's I love Knights the hit hard and fast and with the jugger in there expect to be targeted by a ton of shooting My advice add mark of Tzeench to boost your Ward save :D

5 Chaos Knights = 270 *led by Exalted on Juggernaut
-Musician, Standard, Blasted Standard (5+ Ward vs attacks in shooting phase)

-- Not a fan of hell cannons i drop it for a warshrine but that just me
Hellcannon = 205

= 1,998

I hope my ramblings help you out, Good luck and let us know how your army fares

02-06-2012, 22:28
Drop the shield on your Juggernaut guy, he has a 1+ armor save without it and you can't have a 0+ so its wasted points. I'd drop the light armor on your marauders and beef the unit up to 40 (dropping the shield on your jug hero and the light armor will pay for 7 so you only need to find the points for 3 more, or only take 37. In my opinion 7 wounds is better than the 6+ armor save). You could save some points by dropping the sword of swift slaying and his shield. Then give him a chaos steed and a halberd. The re-rolls on to hits is nice, but the extra strength is also helpful and cheaper. Like Trydragon said marking your knights with tzeentch is always a good thing.

03-06-2012, 05:52
Hey guys thanks for the comments, I've made a few minor changes...(updated the list in 1st post)

I dropped the Shield on the Exalted (on Juggernaut) and with the saved points I added the Banner of Eternal Flame to the warriors.

I also dropped the light armour on the marauders and upgraded the unit to 36 models.

@Byrothegyro - Great comments and suggestions like these really help maximize how I spend points, please keep them coming!

Any suggestions on how to drop 30 points to give the MoT to the knights?

03-06-2012, 16:28
I'd give the warriors halberds over additional hand weapons to make them better able to deal with armoured or tough opponents, you can also keep the number of attacks if you can find points for mark of Khorne or with no chance of losing frenzy; banner of rage if you can find a few more. The 30 points for this mark or mark of Tzeentch on knights can come from light armour on your marauders a 6+ is rarely worth it as any strength 4 or above attacks coming their way will completely ignore it, you could drop 2 warriors from the unit to find another 32. As already mentioned dropping it down to 18 as warriors rear ranks don't do a lot for them would net you another 48 giving you 50 with the left over 2 which would buy you 10 more marauders for a much better sized horde unit as it can suffer some casualties without losing attacks. Other than that looks like a solid list, keep us posted on how it performs for you.

03-06-2012, 20:18
You could save some points on your Lord. I get why you have him set up the way you do, its a nice deal, but 430pts is a lot in a 2000pt game.

Here's how I run my sorcerer lord: Level 4, MoT, Disk, Talisman of preservation, Infernal Puppet, and a Charmed shield (395pts).
This saves you 35pts and gives you a slightly better save. You lose out on the stealing spells, but lore of tzeentch has some awesome spells already. I like the infernal puppet better than blood of tzeentch because even though you won't be able to change a miscast to a safe cast, but you can change the results for your miscast, and more importantly, their miscasts. Especially when you have pandemonium up, the chance of you opponent miscasting is even better, and it's a lot of fun changing a not so bad miscast to a your wizard and half the unit he's with is dead miscast. Any ways that's how I run mine and he's super protected and still very devastating.

Also you could save points by dropping 1 unit of dogs. They are nice to have for re directs and other stuff, but 1 unit might be enough to do that and then you can put the points into other places.

03-06-2012, 21:25
NO! Always more dogs! Delaying a large unit a single turn with redirects is always worth the points, and dogs do that so well. I only field 2 because I have 2, otherwise I would always field 3-4.

03-06-2012, 23:37
I tend to agree with galley on the dogs, i usually inckude 1 chaff unit for every 1000 points. Ill work on making the lord cheaper maybe to give the knights the mark of tzeentch.....

04-06-2012, 00:41
Yeah dogs are sweet for how cheap they are, just throwing ideas out there

04-06-2012, 01:58
Hey guys,

I updated the list in the first post, but here are some of the changes...

I dropped the Sword of battle on the Sorcerer and changed the equipment on the Exalted on foot so that he's able to deal with higher armour saves and he's also cheaper.

I upgraded the Warriors' standard to Banner of Rage, so they're a pretty mean blender unit with Frenzy, while the exalted can still deal with high armour saves - so they have flexibility to deal with whatever is thrown at them.

I also added the Mark of Tzeentch to the knights, so they have an impressive 1+ armour save, 4+ ward vs shooting and a 6+ ward in close combat.

I might have put these points into making the marauders bigger but I only have 36 models at the moment...in fact, I'm using every model I currently own so there's not much more I can tweak in that regard.

I'll have to try this list a few times but if there's any more comments or suggestions, please let me know...

04-06-2012, 16:59
If any of the characters are going with the marauders then disregard this suggestion, but if they marauders will be alone I would suggest dropping the chieftain from the unit. He would have to challenge, and because he has a GW, he will probably die before he even gets to attack back, and the extra model you could buy instead is worth more in my opinion.