View Full Version : Dark elves all cavalry army w support.

01-06-2012, 05:28
I'm thinking of creating an all cavalry dark elf list with hydra support.
Is it a viable concept..
The thought is that my supreme sorceress gets a darkrider bunker, the dreadlord gets cold one knights.
Was going to fill core up on dark riders, special with cold ones, and 2 or 3 hydras to support the dreadlord and bsbs cold one block.

This list will contain no dagger, no reaper bolt throwers, but I might decide to run a cauldron to keep the cold ones buffed w a 5+ward. Which defeats the purpose of all cav :S

01-06-2012, 13:50
Consider a chariot or 2. Dark riders as sacrifices are very pricey. I'd consider dropping the dagger for the theme. This might be the one list where the sorceress on cold one makes sense.

This is also a good list for unkillable dread lord build. Sounds like fun, but maybe not effective.

01-06-2012, 22:56
There is no dagger in it.
Cold one mount sounds fine, but I'd still want her away from cold ones, miscast would be suicide......