View Full Version : O&G Local Tournament 1500

01-06-2012, 06:38
Orc Great Shaman, lvl4, - 200 Pts.

Night Goblin-Gargboss, GW, BSB, Standard of Discipline - 74 Pts.

35 Savage Orc Big 'Uns, 2xHw, M, S, C - 420 Pts.

20 Night Goblins - 60 Pts.

35 Black Orcs, M, S, C, Std. of Eternal Flame - 465 Pts.

8 Trolls - 280 Pts.

Total: 1499

I played a Lot in 6th ed, as i hated 7th i havent played in a while, so any help would be nice...

the idea is that i Runa a wall of Trolls, big uns and Blorks, with my Bunker with mage (general) and BSB behind...

(PS: i own enought of every o&g model out there for any changes you'd want, so dont be afraid to say "loose the Trolls and put in a 60 unit of Squighoppaz")