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01-06-2012, 20:14
So I have decided to deviate from my High Elves and VC and do something comepltely different. Being playing since the early days of the 4th ed but have not played since the 6th ed.
I am collecting 2 armies Dwarfs and Goblins. So the goblins are the ones I have least experiance with. I want it to have no orcs. Just to havefun, but still want it to be compeditive. I was tempted to go with no normal Gobbos and a Night Gobbo General but the +1Ld and these Nasty Skulkers tempted me to change that.

So here is the Army list, any advise greatly appreciated:
2500 Pts - Orcs & Goblins Army

Goblin Warboss
-Great Weapon;
-Glittering Scales
-Talisman of Preservation
-Ironcurse Icon

Night Goblin Great Shaman Level 4
-Dispel Scroll
-Talisman of Endurance 5+ ward save

Night Goblin Big Boss
-Great Weapon; Battle Standard;
-Armour of Destiny

Night Goblin Big Boss
-Great Weapon;
-Armour of Fortune

Goblins x49 [General]
-H/W Sheilds; Nasty Skulker x 3; Full Command

Night Goblins x 20 [L4 Shaman]
-Short Bows; Fanatic x 2; Full Command

Night Goblins x49
-Netters; Shield; Spear; Fanatic x3; Full Command

Forest Goblin Spider Riders x10
-Spear; Shield; Full Command

Goblin Wolf Riders x5
-Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Musician;

Goblin Wolf Riders x5
-Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Musician;


Squig Herd x40
-Night Goblin Herders(10); Squigs(30)

Trolls x6


Arachnarok Spider

Rock Lobber

Doom Diver

Pump Wagon

Total Army Cost: 2500.5

01-06-2012, 20:47
Part of me tempted to get rid of the Rock Lobber, Doom Diver and Pump Wagon and replace with Giant just for poops and giggles ;p

But for more serious games thinking of removing pump wagon, then playing around with it to fit in 2 wolf chariots

05-06-2012, 14:11
80 views no responses ;p
Is it the perfect army or just that bad!!

Oogie boogie boss
06-06-2012, 18:55
I think it's good. Got enough versatility, hitting power and durability. I'd like to have a Giant, but I am a big Giant fan. The shooting could be handy, so maybe better to keep the war machines for a few games.

06-06-2012, 20:37
Hopefully I will get in enough games to test out both Shooting and a Giant!

Dirty Diszle
09-06-2012, 12:27
you also can't go wrong with mangler squigs as they get rid of things that scare you 2d6 strength 5 armor piercing hits! Kiss your terror causing monster goodbye!

purge the daemon
09-06-2012, 15:30
Hydra and abomb laugh.^ but I think the shooting will fare better than the giant with so many cannons around.

13-06-2012, 12:31
Thanks guys