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02-06-2012, 17:54
Morning Lads!

The following list is intended for a local tournament coming up in August. I just started playtesting it and have had some pretty good and funny results with it. Please let me know what you guys think!

Here goes:

Grey Seer
- earthing rod

Chieftain bsb
- shield

engineer with doomrocket
engineer with brass orb
engineer (naked decoy)

40 slaves + musican
40 slaves + musican
40 slaves + musican
40 slaves + musican

20 clanrats + banner, musican and Poisoned wind mortar
20 clanrats + banner, musican and Poisoned wind mortar
5 globadiers + poisoned wind mortar


1599 on the nozzle.

As far as tactics goes: glue everything to the table edge and jolly fire away. If stuff starts getting to close, throw in the slaves and keep firing away. Seer goes full plague for wither (makes PCC way more effective) and 13th.

So far this baby has brought me a crisp 6-0 win record against 2X lizards , HE, DE, 2X Ogre kingdoms. I am kinda afraid of VC for some reason though, zombiespam is something the shooting just is gonna suck against and i can't take out their casters very easy either.

02-06-2012, 18:44
Well you won't win any points on sportsmanship or balanced list if there's scoring there. The only thing that would make Skaven-haters more upset would be fitting in an HPA. Extremely nasty list though.

02-06-2012, 22:40
This is not at all a gentlemanly list and I don't like it.
But if you want to win a tournament this isn't a bad way to go. Unless they have sportsmanship scores.

03-06-2012, 12:53
looks fun, and will most likely win against most Deathstar type armies...
youll have a lot of problems against cheap hordes, and artillery heavy or very speedy armies, so i wouldnt count on winning every matchup...
if i where youd id start thinking what to do against:
1. Artillery heavy Dwarfs or empire
2. Speedy annoying guys like WE
3. or last bur not least goblinhordes

03-06-2012, 18:50
thnx for all the feedback guys!

To adress the sportmanship/list building comments: tournaments in my area are always uncomped, and although the atmosphere is always awesome and the games are fun and friendly, everybody does bring the filthiest list they think of. Basicly there everybody is nice and all but the list are absolutely designed to curbstomp you and be as nasty as possible. This is why i always bring my own cheese ofcourse, because it ain't no good bringing a knife to a gunfight if you catch my drift :).

@Stained_steel: you are 100% right bro, these are the absolute weaknesses of the list and also hardcore character sniping/death magic lists because my chars are uber important and have zero magic defense. To counter another gunline army I was conisdering dropping one unit of rats for a unit of stormvermin with the storm banner, so if they do get first turn i just activate it, hope it wears of in mine and then i get to take out their toys first. goblin horde's imho is not really a problem, the pcc is the huge template mind you, if they are horded up this means you are hitting around 30 gobbos a piece with those babies and slaves are point for point far cheaper and superior to goblins due to expendable ( no randomizing if i shoot at combat with my own slaves, check skaven FaQ ) and strenght in numbers rule. the only thing I really fear is gunlines that are more multiwound heavy than mine.

thanks for everything so far and keep those comments coming!