View Full Version : 2500pts of Dogs of War vs Skaven

Panzer MkIV
05-06-2012, 11:21
Next week I have a battle against Skaven and decided to bring out my DoW.
It's been almost a year since I used them against Dark Elves (Where I got massacred) so I decided to ask for some help :)

Things that won't be in the Skaven army: Slave hordes, dual Hellpits, Dreaded 13th, Plague Furnace, Screaming bell

A couple of houserules regarding the DoW: Paymaster death doesn't cause army wide panic tests, all command options for all units is 10pts, Halfing hot pot costs 90pts, Pikes confer standard Always Strikes First in the first round of combat


Mercenary general 150pts
Great weapon, heavy armour, shield, Talisman of preservation

Wizard lord 235pts
Lvl 4, Earthing rod
Lore ?


Paymaster 109pts
Morning star, Shield, Armour of destiny

Mercenary captain 70pts
Brace of pistols, heavy armour, shield

Mercenary captain 152pts
Brace of pistols, lance, Enchanted shield, heavy armour, Dawnstone


30 Pikemen 360pts
Full command, heavy armour

12 Crossbowmen 96pts

10 Duellists 90pts

6 Heavy cavalry 156pts
Full command, barding

5 Light cavalry 70pts
Spears, musician


40 Dwarf warriors 430pts
Full command, great weapons, heavy armour

10 Dwarf warriors 140pts
Crossbows, heavy armour, shields

30 Norse marauders 270pts
Full command, flails


Cannon 85pts

Cannon 85pts

Total 2498pts


05-06-2012, 11:32
seems like a decent list. I'm not a big fan of Duelists, as they aren't scouts, so just footslog next to the big Bloks.
Upgrade them to a 2nd unit of Crossbowmen.
drop the heavy Cav for an extra unit of light cav (so they can go warmachine hunting).
also drop 1 Captain (the mounted one perhaps) for a lvl 2 wizard. Give the lvl 4 either Light or shadow, and the lvl 2 Fire perhaps? (altough this is all to your liking).
If you have some leftover points after this, add extra pikemen.

How will you deploy your Pikemen? I'd say 5 wide to get steadfast, as you'll hit in alot of ranks anyway due to the pikes.