View Full Version : 2750 hosts of chaos

05-06-2012, 17:02
A friend agreed to play me using the Tamurkhan great hosts of chaos rules. I built this to do give him a challenge, but I don't want to break the army, so looking for opions if I managed to break anything.
Host of Tzeench
Galrauch (it allows all the other special chars, so a bit of a stretch to get him in) general this will give him a 5+ wardsave
Exalted hero extra hand weapon, armor of destiny, MoT
19 warriors full command banner of rage, extra hand weapon, banner of rage, MoT
17 warriors full command MoT halberds
Herald of Tzeench, Master of sorcery, Spell breaker (not sure on lore, he'll probably play brets, so avoiding metal
15 pink horrors, changeling, banner, muscian, Icon of sorcery
wargor great weapon, armor of silvered steel, dragonbane gem
19 bestigors full commnd, razor standard
5 chaos knigts MoT
blood crusher champ
blood crusher
I checked my numbers 3 times ot make sure I was within the %'s overall, the core % came from warriors that were marked Tzeench
I just want to make sure there are no broken combo's in here that I'm not seeing, I want it to be a fun game, not 1 sided (either way)