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05-06-2012, 17:26
Vampire Lord
Level 2 (Lore of Vampires)
Barded Nightmare
Heavy Armour
Obsidian Blade (no armour saves)
Dragon Helm
Other Trickster’s Shard
Red Fury
Can raise wolves past starting point

483 points

Vampire BSB
Level 2 (Lore of Vampires)
Heavy Armour
Red Fury
ASF Sword
Enchanted Shield
Coven Throne

484 Points

Level 1 (Lore of Vampires)
Dispel Scroll

90 Points

x30 Zombies
Standard and Musician

100 Points

x5 Wolves
Doom Wolf

50 Points

x5 Wolves
Doom Wolf

50 Points

x40 Ghouls

400 Points

x30 Grave Guard
Full Command
Double Handed Weapons

390 Points

x2 Vargulfs

350 points

To keep Vampire Lord save I can keep him with wolves. If I find the wolves get shot up too easily I can change to 1 unit of 12.

The purpose of this army is to hit your opponent hard, and fast. I did the mathhammer (which I love) and the Lord, with the BSB and 2 Vargulfs can charge a Dwarf Lord with a unit of 30 Hammerers and win. I don’t think there is a unit in the game that will survive this charge, and there is no character that has any chance of fighting my Vampire Lord (except a greater daemon)

Let me put it this way.

Vampire Lord, has 5 attacks, WS 9, ASF, no armour saves and Red Fury. On average, he will inflict 7 wounds (5-6 wounds on T4 opponents, 7-8 wounds on T3 opponents).
2 Vargulfs, 10 attacks, eternal hatred, 2 thunderstomps. On average, will inflict 9 wounds (8-9 wounds on T4 opponents, 12 wounds on T3 opponents).
BSB has 4 attacks, ASF with red fury, another 4 attacks ASF, impact hits, and spirit host attacks. On average, will inflict 13 wounds (11-13 wounds on T4 opponents, 15 wounds on T3 opponents)

That means combined, even if conservative, I should, in theory, inflict 29 wounds on the dwarfs (around 35 on regular T3 guys). They will unlikely be able to kill anything back due most of their guys being dead now and not having enough attacks back.

The problem is monstrous infantry and steadfast hordes. If your up against these types of opponents (ogres or skaven) then you have to wait for your 2 block as well, but again that is not too bad, as they can get into combat by turn 2, turn 3 at the latest. Plus your 2 blocks are not slouchers, we’re talking 30 grave guard with double handed weapons and 40 ghouls.

vinny t
05-06-2012, 17:48
This is a very solid list. I personally don't like the kit out for the characters. The Obsidian Blade is not worth it when the +2S sword will remove essentially all armor, helps you wound on 2's, and is 10 points cheaper. Also the ability to raise wolves past starting size doesn't really do much, as wolves are pretty bad.

05-06-2012, 18:41
The part of your list I like are the zombies, the ghouls, the grave guard, the necro and the varghulfs. Nothing wrong with that ;)

As for my advice/remarks:

1) You will have trouble getting any spells of without a level 4
2) Obsidian Blade is a waste of points. The lord itself grants a -2 to the armour save, throw in the Ogre blade and that makes -4 and makes stuff easier to wound to boot.
3) Dreadknight is a liability. You don't always want to challenge.
4) The Coven Throne BSB is a HUGE risk. He only has 2 wounds and on a coven throne losing him will give your opponent a TON of points (including 100 extra points for killed BSB). VC BSBs are best kept well-protected in a unit, WITH a banner that does something useful. Without a magic banner, there is very little reason to take one, especially if you're putting him out there as you do.
5) Doom Wolves are a waste. Never upgrade to a Doom Wolf. Here, it might be useful to accept challenges but because you have dreadknight your lord will have to do that, so it's a double waste.
6) A wolf bus (lord+wolves to escort the lord in combat) is a bad idea. The wolves are too easily killed (one big magic arrow will do), and that leaves your lord stranded and vulnerable. An escort is not a bad idea, you just don't want to take wolves but black knights. Check out my list that shouldn't be too far under yours.

Sorry Im being so frank but I have little time but still wanted to comment :)

EDIT: Ow, what I want to add: Don't feel offended for me being so harsh on your list. I think it's a fun and very varied list and probably a lot of fun to play with. Thing is, the title says 'competitive' and I don't think it is. For casual play, go nuts and have fun with it. It might even do well, i don't know...that depends on what your friends run. But in a tournament, I can't see it do much.