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05-06-2012, 21:15
Hi all,

I am playing my first proper battle this friday against my friends Lizardman army. This is my armylist I hope to be playing against various opponents.
My lizardman friend never plays a slann. he sees it as a challenge to win without one. His magic phase consists of throw5-6 dice at a spell and hope double
6 comes up.

Anyway, to my list:

Liche Priest, lore of nehekhara, book of Ashur, and 5+ ward save gem (i forget its name)
Liche Priest, lore of light, dispel scroll

Tomb Prince, Armour of destiny, great weapon

20 skeleton archers, musician (hierophant goes here)
20 skeleton archers, musician (other level 4 goes here)

6 skeleton chariots, full command, banner of swiftness

33 tomb guard, full command, halberds, banner of undying legion (prince goes here)

2x3 carrion

Screaming skull catapult

Casket of Souls


deployment: idea is to have tomb guard with prince in centre, flanked by the 2 archer units and the titan somewhere there in range of both casters

chariots on one flank, and the carrion to cover the other flank, or one unit of carrion to follow after the chariots

tactics: I hope that my combination of the hierotitan, book of ashur and casket should guarantee me dominance of the magic phase that will enhance my guard and
chariots and let them do their thing. I should be able to use 2 dice per spell and effectively make my enemies choose which spell they want to try and not let through.

what do you think?

08-06-2012, 08:44
do you want to be really annoying and not mind what you have in your army or do you want a whole mix of things like you have now ?

08-06-2012, 11:38
well this is the 2400 pts list i'd run with to really **** people off. Its the ToS 1st place list more or less.

level 4 liche
tomb herald- bsb flaming banner

x82 archers musician, champion. to call out challenges
x6 skeleton horsemen, champion, to conga line a unit

x3 warsphinx x1 fiery roar (only because not enoiuigh points) they are just used to hold enemies back anyway
x2 catapult
x3 carrion
x1 necrosphix

have 2 sphix's on one side and 2 of the other by the archers. khalida giving them multiple shots and poison, with flame banner allowing them to reroll failed wounds, using khalidas BS3 allways hitting on 4's. that is almost guarenteed to kill 1 unit a turn. Use smite if you can to weaken your target. or use movenet spell to stop incomming units with your sphixes.
if you dont know what a conga line is, it allows you to minimize the amount of dmg a unit can do to you, e.g. they can only attack your champion. lets say you use it to hold up warbeasts with 3-4 attacks against him lets say 2 wound. and you kill none you lose combat by 2 leaving 1 guy left holding that unit up.
use carrions to hold units up or kill warmachines preferably.
If you can think of ways to include a dispel scroll it would be nice against those big nasty spells that target your str or inisitive. but personally you target them first with your archers if you can.