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Marshal Augustine
02-05-2006, 17:08
Fellow Brothers:
I reside in Canada, and I have recently had a vision, me going to a grand tournament and vanquishing all my foes!... But there are a few questions that must be answered...
Basically I am re making my army(Black Templars), a new crusade, selling my old models and creating a better more powerfull fighting force, considering the new templar stuff is out, and that my painting skills have increased a fair amoun since i started playing 5 years ago, and I want to have a shot at a Grang Tournament in canada!. I know it is an invitaiton only tournament.. and I ave to participate in cnflicta to be able to be eligible.
So far I have bought A new Terminator Assault Squad... A Chapy in Terni Armour, a plastic SM commander, and a new upgrede sprew box.
Anyhow I would like my army to be based arround the terminators as they are formidable warriors... and I still would like your oppinions sggestions on hat to buy next and roughtly what to expect...
I will also be starting University soon... so I hope have time for this as well...

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Honos Templar!

02-05-2006, 17:17
Ahem... it's obvious. A Landraider Crusader to ferry those brave sword brethren through the land... And ypu already covered 1/3 of your army in points :D

Marshal Augustine
02-05-2006, 19:37
Any more suggestions?

02-05-2006, 19:41
Don't have the BT codex, but a Vindicator w/ Machine spirit and smoke will almost garauntee your LRC will not be your opponents primary target for at least 1 turn. And if it's not then s10 pie plates for everyone!

Marshal Augustine
02-05-2006, 21:27
Ok. So crusader.. vidicator.. whayt about what I should expect from my enemies? model count... fluff etc....

Marshal Augustine
05-05-2006, 03:21
Well, here goes my first attempt at the list.. seeming as I mada a huge tactical paper for prot, that I liked im stikking to it myself! hehe...
Basically I have a "core" that I want to change as LITTLE as possible, and then various options, it would be awsome if you can read them and then tell me what you think of each individual one... one or more. Please explain why, and if you can elaborate, Id really appreciate it:

Marshal- Power Armour, Iron Halo, Pair of Lightning Claws, Holy Orb, Bionics @150pts
Emperors Champion- Uphold The Honour Of The Emperor @100pts

Sword Brother Assault Terminator Squad 7 x Terminators, 4 LC, 2 TH, Furious Charge @301pts

Crusader Squad A- 10 Initiates, 4 Neophytes, Power Fist, Meltagun @225pts
Crusader Squad B- Same as Above @225pts
Crusader Squad C- 5 Initiates, Lascannon, Plasma Gun @101pts
Crusader Squad D- Same as Above @101pts

Land Raider Crusader- Dozer Blade, Smoke Launchers @273pts

Ok, I would like my army to be based arround this, the Conflict lists in Canada are 1700pts, so I still have some points to spare, all together up to now I have 47 models and a pretty good balance.

Option A- Remove 1 plasma gun, add 2 land speeder tornadoes, and 1 land speeder typhoon. Models- 50
Option B- Add 2 land speeder tornadoes, and 2 marines into each support squad. Models- 53
Option C- Remove 1 plasmagun, add 2 land speeder tornados and 1 Razorback. Models- 50
Option D- Assault Marine Squad 8 x Initiates, 2 Plasma Pistols, Power Fist, 1 Storm Shield
Give my marshal terminator honours and either teleport homer, or meltabombs. Models- 55 (i personally prefer this)
Option E- Dreadnough, Assault Cannon, HF, Venerable, Tank Hunter, 1 land speeder typhoon. Models- 49
Option F- Dreadnough, Lascannon, ML, 1 Land Speeder Typhoon, Give Marshal Terminator Honours. Models- 49
Option G- Predator, TL lascannon, Heavy bolters, Land Speeder Typhoon

All in all this is what I have.. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out!