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Lance Tankmen
08-06-2012, 00:19
keep in mind this list is all the models i can musters,and i wnt be changing anything as i cant for the most part but im curious to see how many people think it will get torn apart, im going to a tournament in a few weeks, 3 battles and id like to think ill win one or two

Grail vow
Virtue of heroism
Gromril great helm
Mantle of the damsel elena
Gauntlet of the duel
Total 441

Grail vow
Armour of Agilulf
Virtue of Empathy
Shrieking blade
Total 183

Lords total 624

enchanted shield
gold sigil sword
Total 124

level 2
prayer icon of quenelles
chalice of malfleur
warriors bane
total 155

morning star of fracasse
dragon helm
obsidian trinket
total 126

level 2
the silver mirror
potion sacre
total 165

hero total:570

KotR x12
Banner of chalons
total 322

knight errants x12
banner of errantry
total 288

men@arms x40
total 227

archers x22
light armor
flaming arrows
total 201

core total:1038

peg knights x3
total 165

yoeman craftsman

08-06-2012, 17:26
to many points on heroes for start. why so many level 2's ? were is the level 4 ?do you think its a smart idea throwing your general out there on a suicide mission to try and character hunt ? Personally men at arms seem pointless, have more archers. They wont keep up to speed with your knights and they suck because of armor + WS.
If your trying to slap in as many things as possible to play a game (or tourny) then no one can really advise you on your list.
With what you have you might be able to get a half decent small points game but only 2 units of knights (sad face).
whats the point in your second lord ?

Lance Tankmen
08-06-2012, 18:40
i would say because i have no other models but i just enjoy characters. no level four because i really want the lord on hippo, i could have a level 4 but i want to see how bad a ridden monster really does in a tournament. it hasnt been a suicide misson yet, he always gets to 1v1 and unless they remove my AS i normally out last em to get HKB. i dont have more archers and i need my horde to tar pit and yes they suck but the level 2 on foot will be there to buff with beasts and the lord on foot for added damage and LD. i plan on getting questing knights down the road but.... ya no time til then. the second lord gives the peasants his LD, hes a 12 inch bubble, and the other two mounted heros go with each unit of knights, for 8 LD. o and the two level twos because as you said peasants will fall behind so ive got my life on horse with the KotR and my beasts with the peasants, also im in the boat you dont need a level 4 to win but we will see how i fair when the time comes