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Dirty Diszle
09-06-2012, 12:23
Hay recently got hold of a WOC army and been monkeying round with infantry lists and come up with this. I haven't lost with it yet and it seems to be the perfect way to play WOC's see if you agree!

30 marauders w/ flails, mark of nurgle w/ wulfric the wanderer. 180 + 185
30 chaos warriors w/ shields and mark of nurgle 490
30 chaos warriors w/ shields and mark of nurgle 490
20 chaos chosen w/extra hand weapon, mark of nurgle, banner of rage and festus the leech lord. 500 + 185
the total leaves me 30 points over 2k

I use wulfric and his unit of marauders to try and take some fire off my warriors by bringing them on at the back of the board which works well as long as they turn up in the first few turns, if not then because the WOC's are so hard they can really turn the tide of a battle with a flail charge form the back of the army!

I've found that even with shooty armies I just have too many warriors for them to be able to whittle away, and the 5 and 6 ward save with the chosen gives them the extra staying power they need to get into combat as even if only 10 make it they are so destructive that its pretty much game over what ever they charge! they get 2 attacks standard +1 for the banner of rage and +1 for the extra hand weapon thats 4 attacks each! So with 2 ranks that means from a facing of 5 you get 25 attacks!

what do you think? Have I been lucky so far or is that as broken as it seems!?

bigbear bailey
09-06-2012, 22:50
You're warriors units are so large I don't think they will be effective. You're spending so many points to swing. i would break them up into units of 20 at most!

10-06-2012, 21:49
Nurgle + shield is a bit too defensive too IMHO. I've always enjoyed halberd + shield + Rage to minimize shooting losses but then get tons of S5 swings at I5.

Dirty Diszle
11-06-2012, 21:30
Actually my WOC units have not only never run but never failed a round of CC I find them unbeatable and with a grinding unit like that can you be too defensive!? I'm not arguing merely playing devils advocate as once you win the first round of CC I can reform into 5 fronted units and grind what ever unit I face and become steadfast and avoid all shooting! I also put the chosen right in the middle and all of a sudden no body wants to charge my middle with ANYTHING making flank charges on whatever they charge with inevitable! Again win?

11-06-2012, 22:42
Depends on your local meta game of course, but I agree the Warrior units are huge. Get some Warshrines or Warhounds or some chaff in there. As it stands, its amazing you haven't spent whole games being redirected and chasing shadows. Being all infantry, it's slow and not very manoeuvrable.

What armies do you regularly play against? That might help. 30 Frenzied Mindrazored Corsairs would ruin your entire army without much hassle as it stands, so I assume you don't ply against Dark Elves Shadow much?

Still, you have a good clear plan in mind with it. And again, if it works in your local meta then go for it, I bet it looks cool on the table!

03-11-2013, 13:06
who you play ? your find with just 3 blocks like that your slow, popped off by pistoliers, cannons and magic. heavily relying on wulfick but turn 3 will be useless. also sometimes no named characters. with blocks like that may aswell put a banner of swiftness and flaming for regens and khorne on marauders.

15-11-2013, 18:48
Don't you have to have the mok to take the banner of rage?

15-11-2013, 21:01
Khorneflakes is correct, you are unable to take The Banner of Rage with anything but Khorne. It is clearly stated in the army book. The entire army will only be strikning at strength 4, I would find some way to get some strength 5 or even possibly 6 to increase the killing abilties of the army.

22-11-2013, 08:00
How are you deploying your Warriors ? Do you Horde them ? 5*6 ?
How do you handle metal magic, Sisters of Slaughters or T6+ monster with breath or regen that stomp you ?

22-11-2013, 11:29
Other than the whole illegal banner thing here's the main problem you have. You're army id Ld 8, it will be panicked off the table by turn two if the enemy has any shooting. Or, terrorgheists, or a casket of souls, or any terror causing monster.

25-11-2013, 11:21
Am I really the only person to notice that this was posted originally before the current book came out?
Hint: He references Banner of Rage as giving +1 attach (frenzy), it really doesn't do that anymore...

25-11-2013, 12:22