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10-06-2012, 19:22
So i bought someones ogre army and after a lot of painting it has had its first game which went okay against empire. However i am now facing dwarfs against a very good opponent and we both like to give each other a competitive game. As im facing dwarfs i am tempted to swap out the slaughter master for a tyrant and go with no magic. I just don't think ill get anything cast.....also it means all his points spent on anti magic are wasted.

Anyway here is the army so far. Im afraid i dont really have any other models other than adding a few spare bulls and iron guts. So the tweaking really comes from characters etc. Any suggestions or tactics would be great,

1 x slaughter master, iron fist, dragon helm, ogre blade, iron curse icon, ogre blade (goes in iron guts)
1 x BSB, banner of discipline, heavy armour, iron fist (Goes with bulls).
17 bulls, FC, fists
9 iron guts, FC, dragon banner
8 lead belchers
iron blaster
stone horn
3 sabre tusks


13-06-2012, 00:07
I've recently started ogres too. Heres my 2 cents for future ref.
All i can tell you is Ironguts, Ironguts and more Ironguts. - You're so low Initiave that you'll strike last against most armies anyway so take big units of them.
Thundertusks!- so you Charge a unit High S & I unit with your Ironguts unit... of course you'll strike last but then... you march your thundertusk up right behind which gives off the 6" buff. hey presto. you're both striking at the same time!
-mournfangs are devastating but a unit of 3-4 is best, anything over that is overkill. also give them the dragonhide banner. suddenly all those 1's you rolled don't look so bad!
also if you're going up against a low initiative army i suggest a lvl1 or 2 with the maw and a lvl 4 with death. the odds on getting purple sun are highly in your favour and one boosted succesful cast can absolutely devastate a low Ini army.
- maneateaters are also an excellent choice and they can perform any role!
As for characters i suggest you take a Crown of command. a large unit of stubborn ironguts with a BSB with this is nasty.