View Full Version : Terrorghiest and leadership of the unit

11-06-2012, 01:47
After a quick scan through the posts i couldnt find this answer. When a Terror screams, does the unit get to use the Generals leadership or only their own? ie LD7 ogres get screamed at by a 4 wound Terrorgheist. the T rolls 7+ 4 wounds for a total of 11. does the bull ogre unit cop 4 wounds or 1?



Athlan na Dyr
11-06-2012, 02:54
Short answer: The unit can use Inspiring Presence.

Long answer: Inspiring presence states that the unit may "use his Leadership instead of their own". It does not specify any specific situation in which Inspiring Presence is used, so it is the general (Ha!) case.
Terrorgheist's Death Shriek (and banshee's) states "For each point by which the result exceeds the target unit's Leadership". It does not specify unmodified Leadership, nor gives any indication that the general case is not meant to be used. Therefore, Inspiring Presence does count.

Not a 100% rock solid argument, but this is how I play it.

Do note that this is not a Leadership test, so modifiers such as Strength in Numbers (for skaven) do not apply to screams