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11-06-2012, 20:44
I played 3 games over the last week. In each game my caster in a knight unit miscast and killed 5-7 knights each. And the miscasts actually cost me the combat that I was in. I'm giving serious thought to putting my level 4 in a mounted yoeman unit to mitigate the miscast and my other casters in men at arms units. What is y'alls take on this?

11-06-2012, 22:19
I so very rarely ever use mounted yeomen that I've never tried this. (I generally take 5 as a throwaway screen)
If I bother mount a Damsel, I usually give her beasts and stick her in a group of errants with the errantry banner. Sometimes I'll stick her with KotR, (usually if she has Life) but I've had little issue with her blowing them up.
If the Damsel isn't riding, I stick her in my MaA Bunker or sometimes she'll end up in a small unit of Bowmen.
I've gotten in the bad habit of mounting my Prophtess on a Peg if I give her Heavens. When not on a Peg, I either just run her solo and try to keep her out of trouble, or stick her with Questing Knights or Grail Knights. She has sometimes cost me a few costly knights, but it usually works out ok.
My opponents generally play Skaven, Dwarfs and either VC or TK, so I tend to get my little spells off with minimal dice because they're waiting to counter my Dwellers or Comet with their entire pool... :/

11-06-2012, 22:26
My level 4 Heavens goes on foot in an archer unit for this very reason. Heavens works better here as the longer ranges for most spells mean that when your knightly units gallop off into the distance you wont be out of range, especially compared with lore of life.

The problem with using Mtd Yeomen for your damsels is that as soon as she is in the unit, they loose their fast cavalry rules because she doesn't have that rule.
They are also too pricey for a bunker and you'd need a lot of them to protect her. You'd be better off just using a smaller knight unit and not using the lance formation, or IMO use a decent sized unit of skirmishing bowmen. She'll then be able to just about keep up with the knights to support them and any miscast will do very little damage to the unit (15 skirmishing bowmen will only cost around 100pts). Plus the bowmen can shoot of course and might even occasionally do some damage!

11-06-2012, 23:00
Well that is why I dont use Prophetesses

Scroll caddies and Prayer Icon carriers and a defensive magic phase is the thing. I'm not finding the lores useful anyway... seriously for the cost of a prophetess you could have an entire 9-man lance extra...guess what will be more useful?

Put a lvl 2 with prayer icon in your biggest peasant unit and call it a day is my advice

11-06-2012, 23:38
I love taking a lvl 1-2 with beasts and the prayer icon, and putting her in with a unit of M@A. Just cast wyssans and the unit becomes very tough in CC. The key to a mounted Lvl 4 is that you have to run the lore of life- where you can use the throne to protect against miscasts- otherwise you are better off running lots of low levels, or putting a lvl 4 in with some bowmen-

You could also play defensively- take a 40-50 bowman horde, with a lvl 4 with heavens, take some M@A blocks ranked deep, some trebs, and then just use your knights to counter charge when the enemy gets close-