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11-06-2012, 20:47
Hi im just getting into warhammer what would be the best 3000 point spend on a high elf army and then on a lizardmen army

11-06-2012, 22:12
I haven't played HE, but I've seen a few Lizard armies. The big question would be; what are you looking for? Competitive, Local just for fun etc. Other questions such as; what will you be playing against?

I've only played Lizards against WoC and here's my opinion:

Take a Slann and possibly an Engine of the Gods to back him up. You want some good sized blocks of Saurus (I'm currently running 2 blocks of 24 with spears, but I'm floating around the 2K mark) and a group or two of Chameleon Skinks. Throw yourself in a mounted Hero with various options (GW and Armoured to the teeth works), a small Cold One Cavalry Unit and some Salamander packs and you should be golden. Maybe add another Stegadon (or 2) to beef up the points.

I am still fairly new at all this so others may give you a better, more descriptive, outlook on which way to go.

12-06-2012, 20:13
thanks forthat ,i was kinda thinking close to that with a kroxigor unit combined with skinks and temple guard surrounding the slann,is there any room or use for terradons?

12-06-2012, 22:03
I can't think of any "set" 3000 HE list best I can say is

- use archers as core
- don't bother with dragons
- you could prob not need to bother with Silver Helms either
- if you are gonna use a chariot use a white lion one

Troop wise your going to want to max the special troop section, min archer core and sprinkle with mages, everything else is practice and personal preferences.

Some will swear by dragon princes or even massed repeating bolt throwers its up to you how you wanna play HEs are pretty flexible.

13-06-2012, 16:05
thanks forthat ,i was kinda thinking close to that with a kroxigor unit combined with skinks and temple guard surrounding the slann,is there any room or use for terradons?

In 2000pt games and smaller, I would generally say to go either/or on the terradons and chameleons. They perform basically the same role of killing warmachines and lone wizards (and any other easy target), so in 2000pt games you probably don't need both. Chameloeons have the added bonus of being able to fire craploads of poisoned shots, which makes them perfect for taking down monsters and such, which is why I generally prefer the skinks over terradons.

That said, you're not asking about 2000pt games, you're asking about 3000pt games. I say go for it. In a larger game you'll need more than one unit for the task, and I for one like the versatility afforded by having both unit types. If anything, it's an opportunity to paint something other than saurus and skinks. My favorite thing about collecting lizards is painting things that are not saurus or skinks.

14-06-2012, 14:16
I've been playing Lizardmen for about 14 years now. Started them back when they were originally released in 4th edition. This is the list I normally use as my take on all comers list. It's more of a point denial list rather than a damage output list. That being said, it still can put out a ton of damage. This is a 3,000 point list.

1 - Slann - General, Battle Standard Bearer,Cupped hands Of The Old Ones, Plaque Of Dominion, The Becalming Cogitation, The Focused Rumination, Focus Of Mystery. I run Lore Of Life most of the time, every now and then Lore Of Light.

1 - Saurus Old Blood on foot - Fencer's Blades, Armour of Silvered Steel, Talisman Of Protection, Potion of Speed. This is how I'm currently running him. But using The Revered Blade of Tzunki or The Blade Of Realities is very good as well.

1 - Gor - Rok

1- Skink Chief on an Ancient Stegadon - Stegadon War - Spear

2 groups of 39 - Saurus Warriors with hand weapons and shields with full command. I run these 6 wide.

11 - Skink Skirmishers - Javelins and Shields. Blowpipes are great as well, but I like the Quick To Fire Javelins, and a 6+ parry save in close combat.

20 - Temple Guard - Full Command, War Banner

1- Ancient Stegadon (can be swapped with a normal stegadon, and adding a few more skink skirmishers.)

You can also do a pure combat build with a Saurus Old Blood on a Carnosaur or a couple Old Bloods and Scar -Vets with a Skink Priest or two for your magic. It's not a bad build, and can be pretty scary. I just prefer to use a Slann because I like magic. Hahahaha!
Any other questions or ideas you want feed back on, don't hesitate to ask.