View Full Version : Sword of Anti-heroes

Evil Hypnotist
12-06-2012, 13:26
The Sword of Anti-Heroes gives bonuses dependant on how many characters are in base to base contact with the wielder's unit. Who is defined as a 'character' for the effect of this item? I would assume just Lords and Heroes or does this include unit champions too (e.g. like the Eye of the Gods rule).


12-06-2012, 13:57
Characters are those that have the Troop Type (character). This is usually Lords and Heros, but can include some types of "special" (not Special Section) models, like OnG Nasty Skullers and Dark Elf Assassins.

14-06-2012, 07:25
Anything that counts for the sword will be specifically defined as "Character" in their troop type. This is usually but not necessarily Lords and Heroes.