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12-06-2012, 17:40
Hi all,

I am just after purchasing the O&G book and wrote a list which I feel suitable taking to a tournament or to the local gaming store.

Wurrzag Da Great Green Prophet

-350 Points

Night Goblin Great Shaman
-Level 4

-175 Points

Lords Total 525

Savage Orc Big Boss
- +1HW
- Glittering Scales

- 127 Points

Savage Orc Shaman
- Level 2
- Lucky Shrunken Head

- 155 Points

Heroes Total 282 Points

37 Savage Orcs
- Musician
- Standard
- Savage Orc Boss
- +1 HW
- Big 'Uns

- 442 Points

49 Night Goblins
- Musician
- Standard Bearer
- Spears
- Netters
- 3 Fanatics

- 287 Points

40 Goblins
- Musician
- Standard
- Shields
- 3 Nasty Skulkers

- 190 Points

Core Total 899 Points

Goblin Wolf Chariot

- 50 Points

Goblin Wolf Chariot

- 50 Points

Goblin Spear Chukka

- 35 Points

Goblin Spear Chukka

- 35 Points

Special Total 170 Points

Mangler Squigs

- 65 Points

Mangler Squigs

- 65 Points


- 200 Points

Arachnarok Spider

- 290 Points

Rare Total 620 Points

Total Points 2,496 Points

Any criticism welcome as I am a Dwarf player and want a new army.

Little Joe
12-06-2012, 18:11
O&G give a healthy dose of fun, wouldn't want to miss it besides my dwarfs. The list looks fine to me, both Goblin units could be a bit bigger at this point level, but who cares. It is more important, that you chose some variation, and O&G is just the army for that. Be warned, it can/will get out of hand and 2500k are not that much with O&G.
It also looks like a list that can teach a dwarf player a few tricks, so that is just fine as well. Go with your guts and whatever you like.
Also keep an eye out on Mantic and Avatars of War if your local store is none GW. Mantic has some nice Goblins coming for your list and Avatars of War has some nice heroes and will do their warcast models in time.

15-06-2012, 08:10
Fine list, here are my suggestions: 1. you´ve got too much magic. With 10 levels of magic in total, you will run out of power dice every turn. I would suggest you downgrade your night goblin shaman to a normal hero level one, and give him a dispel scroll. (This, unless you want to put him onto the arachnorok). 2. Orc chariots are, in my opinion, superior to goblin ones. The higer toughness and the Str. 5 boar attacks absolutely justify its use point-wise. 3. A giant is very vulnerable in ranged combat and will often disappoint due to his random attacks. I would sugest you take two doom diver catapults instead and save 45 points - the doom diver ist insanely accurate and deadly. 4. You do not have any really fast units to harass the enemy - I strongly suggest you add some wolf riders. Spider riders are fine, too, but slower and more costly. Cant think of more - have fun with the army, hope this helps. Micha. PS: If you want to use this on tournaments, you should ask if you are allowed to use special characters - this is not always the case.

15-06-2012, 08:16
I agree on the dropping of the giant for the doomdivers, they are a very big threat to characters, cos they can plop on them, and ignores armour..... They mush up heavy cav too.
Manglers are a fun choice.
Also agreed on the lv4 gobbo, lv1 hero gobbo w scroll is fine, savage orks are a doozy, 5+ ward with warpaint and lucky shaman of doom......