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13-06-2012, 15:43
Greetings all,

I am attempting my first list for Warriors of Chaos. I've read several of the other lists, but due to miniature limitations and a deep desire to make my own list, here is what I've come up with. It is an all comers list and I am not sure what I will be facing, it may be HE (most worried about), Ogres or Dwarves.

LORDS - 385
Sorcerer Lord
-Lvl 4, MoT, Talisman of Preservation, Black Tongue (hopefully to take out Teclis if he shows up)

HEROES - 375
Chaos Sorcerer
-lvl 2, MoT, Third eye, Dispel scroll

Exalted Hero
Enchanted Shield, MoT, BsB, Crown of Command

CORE - 901
22 Chaos Warriors
FC, MoT, Additional Hand Weapons, Banner of Rage
- Depending on who I am facing will determin how wide these guys are; however, I plan to run them 6x4 with the Sorcerer lord and Exalted Hero. This is my core killy unit which will dish out 31 attacks with the first two ranks. It will also be stubborn as long as the Exalted Hero is alive, so not having shields will not be that much of a draw back.

19 Chaos warriors
FC, MoT, Shields, Rapturous Standard
- Chaos Sorcerer goes with this core group. I will run them 5x4 to increase survivability. If they lose too many troops then the banner will help them stay in the fight.

5 Chaos warhounds
- poison attacks - for war machine hunting, redirecting

5 Chaos warhounds
- poison attacks - for war machine hunting, redirecting

6 Ogres
- FC, MoK, Additional Hand Weapons - hopefully a heavy hitting unit that will soak up some of the missle fire as the army advances and draws attention away from my warriors.

5 Chaos Knights
- FC, Banner of Eternal Flame - flank anything the warriors are fighting against. Hero hunting.

RARE - 225
1 Chaos Giant
- Just for Kicks and giggles

Again, I am new to Chaos (first list ever) and would appreciate any feedback. I am pretty sure I will be facing High Elves, but you never know.

Also, in some lists I've seen WoC sorcerers with shields. Is this allowed? I don't see shield as an option in their lists.

Thanks in advance!

13-06-2012, 18:30
Okay, 36 views and no replies. Any advice is appreciated.

I also switched the black tongue with the infernal puppet. I figure it is best to take a guaranteed thing for a 'maybe' thing. I then gave my exalted hero the talisman of protection giving him a better ward save. This all round works out better imo.

Has anyone faced teclis with chaos before when he is in a Phoenix guard bunker? Is it hard to crack?

13-06-2012, 18:35
have 1 unit of warriors with shields the others with halberds/banner of rage. dont bother putting your lord in them, they want to see action and you definatly dont want your Sorc in combat if you can help it. Ditch the ogres imo and make that chaos knight unit bigger. x10 or even 15 if you can (or14 and hero).
Scrap the giant they are overpriced for what they do and you wont have time for kicks and giggles because anything can kill it pretty easy with no save T5. it will make you sad face before you giggle
dont bother with magic items on your level 4, just stick him in a cheap expendable unit e.g. mauraders or something. just to keep him alive while he casts spell out of combat.
ditch the level 2 and give your lord the dispel scroll. that should free up a whole bunch of points.
If you wanted another hero put an exalted in a big unit of knights.. imo chaos knights are scary as hell if you get them in combat.
Give your bsb the talisman of preservation + enchanted shield for 2+/4++ should make him alot harder to kill if he is in a unit of warriors which you are throwing into combat. Bear in mind whatever unit you put him in will get a tad more attention so you might wanna beef it up a little bit.
I like warhounds alot very good choice having them, if you can throw another unit in so you have both flanks and 1 spare because people will shoot them down pretty fast because they know what they are for. ( this is not a must tho only if you have spare points)
With only 2 main units containing around 20 knights that is not enough to carry you 6 turns without been wiped out or fleeing with everyone focus on smashing those units with your bsb by them. That been said i would throw some mauraders in; they are cheap for 5 points they can have flails (WS4, S5, I4 5 points what more can you ask for?) so a unit of 50 will cost you 250 points w/o standard or mus. Very good tarpit aswell
I understand you said your limited to your models but give it a think over
If you are to change anything i'd get rid of the ogres for real tho T4 5+ save is really :\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

13-06-2012, 18:36
Because WoC sorcerers come with chaos armor, they are an exception to the wizards can't take armor rule. Because of that they can take magic armor which includes magical shields, but they cannot take a mundane shield because it's not an option for them.

I would drop the giant and get a hellcannon instead. Lore of Tzeentch is awesome, but if you get that unit into combat (which you will most likely by turn 2) then you won't be able to cast the majority of the spells. I would put him on a disk and fly him around blasting stuff. My lord set up is : Lvl4, MoT, Disk, Infernal puppet, Charmed shield, Talisman of Preservation (sometimes I use Golden eye of Tzeentch if I need to save points) for 395. This also stops you from having 1 unit worth over 1000pts.

13-06-2012, 18:46
Totally agree with ecowarrior on the ogres. Trolls are awesome as long as you either have throgg, put a character with them, or keep your general close to them. If you take throgg the trolls are core choices also, 400pts gets you throgg and a core unit of 5 trolls which will slaughter through stuff and stick around as long as you keep them from fire.

13-06-2012, 20:00
Just beware its easy to get carried away with expensive wizards :P, The only reason why i didnt menion a hellcannon was because i personally dont think they are worth taking unless you have 2 of them. 1 is to easy to deal with, 2 makes the opponent think a lil more about whats hes gotta do.

13-06-2012, 20:55
One hellcannon is good two is better, but even with just one, a lot of armies rely on wimpy little guys for taking out warmachines because they only have to kill the crew. The hellcannon is way tougher to take down so their warmachine hunting units become almost useless. Just the other day a played against VC and he charged a unit of 20 ghouls into my hellcannon and including crumbling I killed 15 of them the first round. It did stop me from shooting for 1 round, but it only did 1 wound. My other hellcannon did get killed by varghiests, but that was my fault for not knights or dragon ogres back to protect the cannon from them like I meant too.

14-06-2012, 03:04
Thank you all for the imput; I'm working on fixing what I have now. I would love to take more knights but alas, I do not have the miniatures.....yet.
In regards to powerful wizards I am certain my HE opponent will take Teclis. I figure with with two wizards of Tzeentch I will have access to ALL six spells, and can do some damage against him. Not only that, but being a Tzeentch wizard gives my sorcerer lord +5 to cast.

Ogres....I have only fought them with my empire army and they DESTROYED me. I was hoping the low toughness of the elves would be similar.

Thanks again for the feedback, I'll let the forums know how it went.

14-06-2012, 10:24
Don't count on getting to use the puppet against Teclis. Ignoring the first miscast in a turn he will rarely actually suffer one even with panda up. Especially if using life as Thrones will be up. I would personally use fire on the level 2 rather than Tzeentch.

MoS on the Giant will ensure he does his thing before getting mowed down in combat. Keep him behind the ogre's so they absorb cannons etc.

14-06-2012, 13:07
In all honesty dont rely on magic items to win you that turn/game. Game changing stuff is focus debuff's/buffs so your already overpowerd chaos warriors can do the rest of the work. Also dont base your army around fighting teclis, yes he is nasty but who cares dont base your army around fighting 1 type of army think the bigger picture

18-06-2012, 03:01
I thought the puppet could help if my own wizard miscasts as well as a lucky chance of teclis miscasting. Taking a second mage with MoT at lvl 2 gaurantees I have ALL tzeentch spells, plus one wizard with a +5 and one with a +3 to cast.

Can a sorcerer on disc enter a unit? I know he will not get the look out sir, but would he be able to join? If I give my sorc lord enchanted shield, plus disc, he will have a 1+ AS and a 3+ ward save with tali of preservation. I like those odds. In a unit he just won't be able to be targeted.

I don't have any marauders, so I didn't take a large unit of them. I do think they would be great, but again, access to no miniatures makes it a bit imposible. I do have 40 gors I could glue together though.....

24-06-2012, 07:23
Personally, I rarely take a full command anymore, meaning I'll take a SB and a Musician but no champ. Granted it's been a while since I've played, but the only time I take a full command is for the unit that has either my lord or a hero in it. Most of the time I don't see the point in sucking up the extra points for 1 extra attack. Plus, in my really killy blender warrior units, I don't want a challenge to keep my 36+ attacks from hitting any characters in the opposing units. To me, the less challenges I have to deal with the better. For my all comers list (I usually play a lot of Lizardmen and Dark Elves), I usually take a block of 18 MoK, Extra Handweapon Warriors with a BSB (Usually some MoK Hero with an Axe of Khorne and some other stuff (can't recall the names and I'm 3000+ miles from my books ATM). Those warriors are my shock troops. 6 wide, 3 deep. First round is 36 S4 hits, assuming I don't give them a weird banner for AP or something...Then I field a block of about 16-20 MoN Sword and Board warriors. Usually a set of 5 Knights with MoN, Banner of Rage and I either field a Mounted Lord or Mounted Hero (MoN, Book that gives level 1 magic-fire and some survivability stuff) in the knight unit...Then throw out a L4 MoT Sorc on disc with all the trimmings. I don't put him in a unit, ever, and the only time I regretted it was Skink Chameleons...that sucked. Usually though the Sorc is pretty survivable.
I always take a unit of 18 MoK Marauders with flails, with just a musician. That's pretty much my standard, plus or minus things to fit whatever points I'm playing. People ask why MoN? Because when playing against two shooty armies like Lizards and DE's, I get the stuffing shot out of me before I get halfway across the field, and believe me it helps. Making skinks have to roll all sixes (stupid poison) to do anything to me helps, and forcing DE's to roll a 6 then a 4 to hit me is pretty awesome too (situational of course...)

Take everything I say with a grain of salt as well, it's been a while since I've had a good game, and I don't play competitively, just with a group of friends. I've had pretty good luck with that basic 'center', I guess you can call it, I've never lost a game with my local group (the one time I joined a league I was 6W/3L (never played a few of those armies, so no idea what to expect) and I pretty much stopped playing my WoC because I can faceroll my buddies with them. Now I play mostly Skaven/TK becuase they're more fun...and I lose a lot more (spectactularly with my rats too...usually becuase I kill about 40% of my own army), which makes my friends want to continue to play with me, lol... But the game is all about having fun, right?

Anyways, that's my 2 cents, and I'm sure I'll be flamed for some of it, but meh...