View Full Version : Diabolic Splendour + Hellshriek?

14-06-2012, 01:40
Hey guys. I've been trying to write a list for a themed Slaanesh WOC army, as a painting project mainly. But what I was wondering is if my Sorcerer Lord has Diabolic Splendour (-1 penalty to Fear, Terror and Panic Checks caused by the Character/Unit he is with) and casts the Hellshriek spell from the lore of Slaanesh (Panic Test for all enemy units within 18 inches), would the Panic tests caused by the spell suffer the penalty for Diabolic Splendour?

What I'm not sure on is would it count as Him causing the panic tests, as he is casting the spell, or would the spell be considered to be causing the panic tests, with no connection to him? Sorry if that's confusing!

If it does stack, along with the penalty for the Doom Totem, Panic tests at LD7 for a usually LD9 army could be nice, changes the spell from almost worthless to situationally decent anyway's!

14-06-2012, 09:41
Well, I'm not going to agree that causing panic tests on multiple units is "worthless".

Regardless: it is safe to assume that the caster can claim responsibility for the spell's effect the same way as a model that shoots something with his bow.

14-06-2012, 10:25
I would also be inclined to say that the panic checks are at -1 due to splendor.