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14-06-2012, 05:43
I felt like using the tomb blades for something other than what most people recommended.

---Necron Overlord-140
*res orb



Fast Attack
---5xTomb Blades-200
*shield vanes
*particle beamers

---5xTomb Blades-200
*shield vanes
*particle beamers

---5xDestroyers- 260
*3x heavy gauss

This list was intended to play where the warriors and/or immortals bunker up (in cover if possible) on objectives and try to stay alive. If there are a limited number of objectives then the immortals get the task of slowly moving up to it with blasters tearing apart the molecules of anything they can. Tomb blades attack infantry units, with emphasis on units tight together and large formations though they can do a large amount of wounds on any infantry unit not spread out to a full 2". Destroyers are for the vehicles and double against MEQ's (because with my dice it seems loosing 3 shots for wounding on 2+ seems about the same against a marine for me).

List strengths to me appear to be a general high maneuverability, large amount of firepower on said mobile platforms, massive damage against swarms, the ability to absolutely obliterate GEQ's and heavily damage MEQ's per salvo, lowish amount of kill points (compared to mech/transport lists), and a massive damage potential against deepstrikers or units in buildings (cover save countered by 5-7 hits with a single hit on the scatter die with the beamers) .

List negatives to me appear to be a low amount of scoring units, weakness to outflanking (would destroy my limited infantry if the objectives are too close to the sides), fast units run off the board if I fail leadership for any reason (I need dice with no 6's for my leadership tests), most units could get wiped out from concentrated shooting (mitigated by terrain), and the last apparent one to me is that seemingly all my anti-tank firepower is in one unit (reliably glancing with the amount of gauss I have is laughable).

In all honesty, given the points level I am seriously tempted to take a unit of 4-5 crypteks with the eldritch lances and one with a chronometron for my anti-tank, which would free up a few more points to feed into my infantry…., but then again they are way more vulnerable to assault and small arms fire. I think my next 1,000 point game will be this once I get my tomb blades up and running (will have to get some magnets if this does not work).

Any alternate ideas are welcome as long as the base of the army has a large to moderate amount of tomb blades.

Spiney Norman
14-06-2012, 06:10
Looks ok ish, maybe a little light on troops, but you might want to post it in the 40K section, or very nicely ask one of the mods to move it there. This board is for Fantasy battle lists

14-06-2012, 06:22
ahh, that would be why I have not been able to find it under normal means. Yes, I would very much like this moved to the 40k army list section if a kind mod would assist me. Sorry for the trouble.