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15-06-2012, 04:21
Hello guys, This will be my first list in the world of warhammer. Unfortunately my local gaming store is holding a tournament on the first week end since i have learned to play. It is a 1000 point game. Any thoughts on my list would be greatly appreciated.

Night Goblin Shaman – 75
Ruby Ring of Ruin

Orc BB (Gen)- 70
Gold Sigil Sword

Orc BB (BSB) –125
Razor STD

Big ‘Un Mob – 260
25 Orc Bug ‘Uns, AHW, Mus, Std, orc boss

2 Spear Chukkas - 70
2x Spear chukka

Orc Boar Chariot – 85

Night Goblins – 195
40 goblins 8x5
3 x Fanatic

Spider Riders – 65
5x riders

Wolf Riders- 55
5x riders

Total= 1000

The 2 BB's would go with my big'uns and my shammy would go with the fanatics/night goblins... i think?

On my shelf i have 20 arrer boys, 20 goblin archers, 5 more spider/wolf riders, a couple night goblin netters and a squad of black orcs. I would rather not buy any thing else but if it would make a big difference i would be willing to.

Thanks again for your time

15-06-2012, 08:58
Not a bad list, I have an O&G army myself. Here is what I think: Your shaman should be Lvl to ease blocking enemy spells. I also do not see the use of the ruby ring - the damage it does is in no relation to ist corst. For the same points, you can get a dispel scroll - it can really save the dayfrom time to time. I would also advise you give the spiders bows - spears have little use, the unit will not do much in close cambat anyway. You may think of removing one spear chukka and upgrading one of your BBs to a black orc - the big'uns are your must essential unit, you don΄t want them to squabble at the wrong moment - right? I hope this helps. Micha.