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17-06-2012, 16:14
Trying a different approach to WoC and this is what I came up with. Almost the entire army is Str 5 in combat and has at least a 4+ armor save and a ward save.

Sorcerer Lord, Level 4 MoT, Disc, Charmed Shield, Infernal Puppet, Bloodcurdling Roar- 370pts

24 Warriors, MoT, Shields, Halberds, Musician, Banner of Rage- 481pts
18 Warriors, MoT, Shields, Halberds, Musician, Flaming Banner- 354pts
5 Warhounds- 30pts
5 Warhounds- 30pts

12 Knights, MoT, Musician, Banner of Swiftness- 545pts
Chaos Chariot, MoT- 140pts
Chaos Chariot, MoT- 140pts

Hellcannon- 205pts
Hellcannon- 205pts

17-06-2012, 18:18
This is a really nice list, the only thing i would do is get some tarpit unit that doesnt cost much e.g. mauraders instead of the chariots. The chariots are nice but your knights will do the work that like 5 chariots would do and stay alive longer, I cant see anything wrong with your other units.

18-06-2012, 03:09
Looks good to me you'll miss the BSB every so often, but if any army can go without one it's Warriors. My preference is the Blasted Standard on Chaos Knights, but I play against alot of Warmachines in my area.

18-06-2012, 03:49
Yea just a list that I thought off the top of my head, although it sucks that I can't fit in all the toys (blasted standard, golden eye/talisman of preservation, third eye of tzeentch).

18-06-2012, 03:59
One thing that often find with Warrior armies is you can't just drop a couple of models here and there to free up some points. Every model in that army is necessary, which is annoying!

19-06-2012, 09:50
Sorcerer Lord has only a 6+ Ward. Smells like doom diver food! I would take marauders too but I take marauders as a habbit bordering laziness. Throw them down in front of the enemies strongest unit and slow them down a turn or two, you can get 50 for the cost of those two chariots.