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17-06-2012, 16:52
I recently started playing with my brother and a couple of buddies of his that have played for a pretty long time. Usually they know how a situation will work out so I've never had to look up rules. Last night though some goofy stuff happened that no one really knew how to handle for sure so I figured I'd bring it here.

We were playing teams of 2400 points each with two people on each team. I'm high elves and my brother (opponent) is tomb kings. He had a Settra the Imperishable model that was pretty threatening with a bone colossus (I think) that was following it around. I managed to position myself decently and got into a round of combat with Settra facing down a group of my Phoenix Guard with Caradryan and a BSB. I decide I want to try a challenge because I'm a goofball and challenge Settra with Caradryan. Combat goes badly for me with him saving the one wound I manage to inflict and him getting some nice rolls. Caradryan dies and I roll a 6 for Mark of Asuryan. Thats when things get confusing.

In these circumstances is Settra considered an extra model that gets focused by Mark of Asuryan?
Does the chariot count as a whole so he has 9 wounds total or are the wounds on a chariot just for getting blasted by a cannonball or something?
Do I have to roll random to see where the damage goes?
Is this goofy because Cruddace is a doofus and just copy pasted the table from the old TK book?

We basically had to play it out where Mark killed Settra and the chariot just left with him. I felt sort of bad but at the same time pretty happy I had gotten that model out of the way. I proceeded to take the right side of the board with that unit of PG and my teammate lost the right side when his experiment of a Calvary Empire list kinda... flopped. ANYWAYS this isn't a battle report its a rules question! My bad guys!

17-06-2012, 17:27
Settra and his Chariot are separate entities.
So there are two ways of solving the issue.

1. When they say "model" they mean "part of the model". So Settra and only Settra suffers the damage from the Mark of Asuryan.
2. When they say "model" they mean "the whole model". So Settra and his Chariot take the damage between them, randomise the damage as per shooting (meaning Settra is highly likely to survive and you may lose the chariot before it gets to attack!)

Number 1 seems the simplest solution.